Scan results-not good.

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Well, as you can tell from the subject, my mom's scan results were not good. It appears that the tumor on her left adrenal gland is not dying any more and has actually gotten much bigger. Even worse than that, the cancer has spread to her other adrenal gland. Onc said this is not good news. Of course we know that, it is just so hard to hear. It is amazing how fast this disease can change. Two short months ago, things were looking good, and now I feel like we are at our lowest. Obviously there will be no surgery now. The next line of treatment is CPT 11 and erbitux. My mom said today that at this time she is not willing to do this line of treatment. She is very afraid of these two drugs. I think she is very tired. We decided today that we are definitely taking a break. It scares me t death, but I can certainly understand how my mom feels. My dad seemed very sad today. When my mom was saying she could not do this treatment, I think it was the first time that he realized that we truly may not beat this thing. I think it was the first time that I have felt this way, too. We are still continuing on with diet changes, supplements, naturopath, and of course we will pray. Thanks for all your prayers. As always, you are all in mine.
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    Hey...I am so incredibly sorry. I can certainly undersatnd your mom being scared of more drugs. This is so hard. This is a delicate time for her. She might cahnge her mind; she might decide to go full speed with nutrition - or both. These things will play so hard on your mind and hers. She is SO lucky to have you. I am incredibly fearful of a recurrence and know that none of us can be haughty...this is a hard disease. Again, know that my thoughts are with you. Take care and keep us posted.
    Big hugs,
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    Dear Valerie, I don't even know what to tell you at this moment, I am terribly sad, I think that right now that you received the results, is worst part, and I can understant that your Mom feels tired,but I think that is normal right now, it happens to other people in the same situation, but I hope that after a little brake, she will change her attitude and go on fighting again,PLEASE don't give up, you are a family of faith, we will continue praying and God will listen to us. I wish I could be there with you and your family and give you a big hug.
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    Hi Valerie, im so sorry to hear about the bad news. I know exactly how you felt. When my dad had colon cancer everytime he had a cat scan I would be so anxious for days and I knew eventually one cat scan would bring bad news which it did and I was devastated. My father opted for no more chemo at the very end and some sisters tried to talk him into it but i saw what he went through well on chemo and he was not happy and got very depressed on it. So I told him it was his decision and not mine to make and I would support him on whatever decision he made. I hope the best for you and your family and I pray God gives you the strength in the days ahead. Mindy
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    I'm so sorry to hear this bad news. Just know that we are here for support any time. I will be praying for your mother. Be sure to let us know how she is doing. jams
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    Dear Valerie,

    I am so sorry to read your post and to learn the results of your mom's most recent scans. You are so correct in your view of how quickly this disease can turn.

    I understand your mom's desire to take a break from chemo as well as your fear of her doing so. Please know your family will be in my prayers, especially your mother as she makes many difficult choices.


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    Did you read this from the website. I thought I see your posts there before. Are you anywhere near Duluth? Don't give up. Prayers to your way. Read below:

    My father was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer that had metastasized to his liver and adreanal gland in October 2006. My brother and sister and I poured over the internet to try and find out as much information as we could about the prognosis. We really had no idea what to expect, as no one in our family had ever suffered from cancer. My dad is 69 years young. He also has Parkinsons. On October 29, 2006 he had a 12 in section of his colon removed. The CT scan showed 6 golf ball sized tumors and lesions on his liver, and his adreanal gland was also involved. His doctors told him that they thought he would be a good candidate for a clinical trial that was being done at the SMDC in Duluth. Dad agreed to try it. He is on a 21 day treatment cycle. After the 3rd treatment, his CT scan showed nothing remarkable in his adreanal gland, and the tumors in his liver had been reduced by 43%. His CEA has also dropped from 308 to 5.1. He has gained 3 pounds since starting treatment and his hair is actually growing in on his bald spot that has been there for over 10 years!!!! He has a second CT scan sceduled for February 16th, and with the drop in his CEA level, we are hopeful. This message is for anyone who, when hearing for the first time that they or someone they love has cancer, is searching for some good news. I know I was scared to death. A positive mental attitude is so important, and I believe that is also what is helping my dad so much. He has always been very musical, and when he is on his "off week" with the chemo, we have a Jam Session, or "Group Therapy" as we call it. So, don't give up hope. Just as bad things happen every day, good things also happen everyday. Keep the Faith!!
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    So sorry to see this about your mom, Valerie. I understand your mom's hesitancy to do more chemo. But I have to wonder if her depression is taking hold again? Perhaps a talk with her doc to increase her anti-depressants might help her overall outlook and she might decide to keep fighting.

    Hang in there...
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    I'm so sorry. It must be so disappointing. On the other hand, sometimes we can muster the courage to do things we don't want to - maybe your Mom will change her mind. If she doesn't, at the very least you can know that she's at peace with her decisions.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine how much it must hurt to make this journey alongside a parent. Best of luck to you.

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    Valerie, Hang in there. You have been a awesome caregiver and I know you will not give up now. Things may look bad at this moment, but as you stated she probly just needs a short break. So I hope you will do the same. Take a deep breath and say a few prayers and the answers will be there for you.
    As always you are in my prayers and if you just need someone to chat with I am here. Send me a email and I shall give you my number or you give me yours. Either way I will be here for you.

    Hugs, Russell