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Wanda/Xena Warrior is no longer in pain

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After many phone calls the last few months, I finally talked to Wanda's husband tonight. He confirmed what deep down inside I alread knew; Wanda went to walk with the angels on October 31st last year and is no longer in any pain. He apologized for not being computer savvy enough to let us know but said many times how much this board and the people on it meant to her.

He specifically mentioned our number one thong man down under, Kanga. Kanga, he said that your phone calls to Wanda "lit her up for days" and that he could never thank you enough for them.

We talked quite a while and the one message he kept repeating was how wonderful this site was for her (and ultimately him) and how much she needed and loved to spend time with us here.

If anyone is interested, he welcomes donations to "The Hospice of the Valley" in Phoenix, Arizona. His words of appreciation for their services were awesome.

Wanda honey, you will always be my friend and I will fight this damn disease with all my "hell and fury" on your behalf. I promise you that!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Oh, Lisa,
I read your post just after finishing mine. I have not been as regular on this board, and noticed that I had not seen anything from Wanda of late, but I was still hopeful.
Her strength and spirit were amazing, and I'm sure she is walking with angels now, and I'm grateful to hear that hospice was such a help. Condolences to her husband if you contact him again.

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Thank you, Lisa.
She has been on my mind for some time...what a doll and how lucky I feel to have considered her a friend. I just loved her energy and enthusiasm and will to make any circumstance a better one. Her spirit will certainly be missed...she is definitely an angel now - she sure was one on earth.
Thanks again for your post. I am very sad, but I know she is happy and is in the best possible place. I hope her husband is doing okay. What a devoted couple.

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I remember a picture of her, about 2 yrs ago-(?) I can’t share it , czuse it’s on another hard drive somewhere..but it was an extremely happy pic; she had just shaved her head..in sympathy with a friend losing her hair I think. She glowed out from this pic-it said so much…a happy girl with no hair-it changed my opinion of her forever; I needed to meet her right then..my love goes out to Harold..I know what he has lost. be Xena Warrior Wanda, where ever you are…. bud

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I am so sorry to hear this news. But thank you so much for letting us know. My heart goes out to her husband.

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Thank you for letting us know. When a person that we "know" so well loses this battle, it really hits home. I like the way you put it....she is no longer in pain. And you know she would laugh at us for getting sappy over this! She was an inspiration for so long and I am honored to have interacted with her if only for a short time.


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Thank you Lisa for passing that sad news on to us. Deep down I guess I too also knew that something was amiss but tended to not think on the worst. We all know that for many reasons contact with us at CSN from others can lapse...as it did also with Andrea.
Until we all hear of any further information then it is difficult to form an opinion for the reason for lack of contact.
After I returned from Austin I phoned and spoke to both Wanda and Harold....I wanted to tell Wanda that we waved to her as we flew over Pheonix. Yeah....ok...we were pretty high up but we had wonderfull clear skies and Pheonix was right below us.....the air hostess told us so.
After that phone call I tried unsuccessfully several times to phone them but to no avail, although I did leave messages on the answ. machine. I suspect that Harold may not have known my return number....or....possibly he was unable to find the words to tell us Wanda was no longer suffering.
I do believe that in my mails somewhere I may have a street mailing address so hopefully I can write to him. I often spoke to him at length when Wanda was unable to come to the phone. (on one occassion she shouted out...."hiya kanga!"......while she was taking a bath!)
I know one thing is for certain;
Wanda had an incredible zest for life and the ability to face her prognosis with a wonderfull flair for laughter.....a quality I could not hope to emulate.
It is with sincere sadness that I have read this news. It is 1.30am here now and I know that Jen will also be saddened by her passing when I tell her this morning. Jen also spoke to Wanda on occassion and I know she too will shed a tear.
Thank you again Lisa.....Wanda is now in good hands.
huggs to all, Ross and Jen

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Thank you for being so diligent and being such a great friend to Wanda.

Her spirit will always be remembered. I know she is at peace and is watching over us right now. Hopefully, she knows how much she was loved.



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I remember early on when I first joined this group, reading of Wanda's strong determination, positive attitude and resolve. This is sad news.


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Thank you Scouty... for letting us know about Wanda. I talked to her by email from time to time, and I had not heard from her for quite a while, and was trying not to think of the worst. She will always be remembered on this board.. I will never forget her.. her wonderful sense of humor.. her courage.. she is in a better place, and I'm sure she is lighting it up with her spirit. I give my sympathy to her husband and family.

Gail in PA

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Oh Lisa:
How very uncanny...I was thinking of Wanda yesterday and wondering how everything was going- had not heard from her in awhile..I know for sure she is with the angels..thank you Lisa for letting us know so that more prayers can be added for her heavenly journey...

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Oh, Lisa,.....I'm sad, but thank you for the post.

It seems there are many losses right now, I struggle sometimes to smile. But, I agree, we all have the obligation to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to fight this disease....

Hugs, Kathi

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