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Great colonoscopy results

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Haven't posted in a while, but just wanted to share the good news; my 3 year post op colonscopy was again clear!!! (colectomy in 12/03, stage III, 6 months chemo). Scans showed NED in November.
My scan was delayed becuase I couldn't complete the prep in December. I have failed with the go litely, phopho soda and citrate of magnesia. Something about the electrolyte concentrations in them makes me hurl something fierce, and last time I couldn't keep enough down to clean me out.
GOOD NEWS: I did the Miralax prep this time without a problem. 250 grams of tasteless powder dissolved in 64 oz of clear gator ade and 4 dulcolax tabs. I didn't get nauseous nor horribly dehydrated and came out clean as a whistle. Wasn't nearly as harsh and irritating in the hinder parts, either.
Continued to best to all here,

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Great news Judy!!!!!!!

I really needed some too.

Hugs, Lisa P.

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hi judy,
great news !!!!!!!!
keep dancing with ned.
don't be a stranger.
be well
never,ever give up

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Even though the scope prep is not fun the results are wonderful! We need lots of stories like yours. I would love to read them all day long. jams

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Hi Judy...great news gal...am sure each time we get good news it gives others a world of hope! Good tah hear from yah...I am often awol too...but thats another story. I like to refer to tha "hinder" parts as "any which way but loose!...he!he!".....if yah get my meaning. I am going away again for 2 weeks and when I get back some nurse is gunna have pleasure in using me as a pincushion for my CT. The contrast sometimes causes me a little grief so don't look f/ward to it...argggh!Hopefully all will be clear for this test.
Stay safe n well gal....Ross n Jen

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Great news!!! So glad to hear from you! Keep dancing.....


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Great news, Judy. I'm glad that the Miralax worked without too much distress. Stay well.



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Congrats on the news!!! Now don't go to any Los Angeles steak houses to celebrate...you know that red meat can tear you up!!! lol

Maybe we can get Sharon to attend a palooza!!!

All my best,


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Thanks for sharing such positive news! We're so happy for you!


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