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Colonoscopy scheduled

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Well, I finally got my scope scheduled for the 16th of this month. Has anybody used the pill preparation? You have to take something like 32 pills over a certain amount of time. I figured it sounded better than that awful tasting stuff in the jug! I just hope that they figure out something - I'm so tired of hurting! :(

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Hi Lauren,

I haven't taken the pills, but I know that some doctors do use them. They have to be better than trying to down that awful jug drink. I gag just remembering it. Please let us know your results. I am sorry you are hurting.



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My GI Doc using the TriLyte Prep, which is the gallon jug of liquid that you drink every 10 minutes. I prefer this prep because it naturally flushes your system and does not draw from your body. My GI Doc does use the Fleet Photosoda aor the pills because these types of preps have caused issues with some patients from kidney problems to electrolyte issues because this prep draws from your body which can de-hydrate you also. Speak with your doctor to make sure this is the right prep for you.

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