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Thank you all!

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Hi all,
Being somewhat of a shy person, I have been more of a luker than a poster on this site.

I have shared all of your ups and downs for about a year now, and have never said more prayers, than during this time frame.

My husband (47), was dx'ed January 2006 with stage 4 colon cancer, he immediately had surgery to remove most of his large intestines. While open they found that the cancer had spread to his peritoneal wall. In April he underwent another surgery to remove more intestines and most of his peritoneal wall (curtain), as well as another tumor, during this surgery they preformed the Sugar Baker Protocol" which included washing out the abdominal cavitity with hot chemco (42 celsius). They then inserted 4 tubes into the abdomin, closed him up, and then filled up the cavitity with the hot chemo again. They left the chemo in for 23 hours then drained it and left him dry for 1 hour. - this they did for 5 days. He then started chemo as insurance in June. He managed to complete round 9 (which were delayed due to his white counts) when his latest ct-scan came back all clear, and because he was getting sicker with each treatment he decided he had had enough. While he now has an illostomy it is a small price to pay. Right now he is NED! They will also now start testing our daughter when she turns 30.

Through this journey of the last year, you have all helped me keep my sanity! I have learned more from your postings then anywhere else. The encouragement and the support system here is out of this world. From KathiM (if I wasn't so shy I would be up there doing the "HAPPY NAKED DANCE" with you, JADot I looked forward to the Friday giggles, and miss them, scouty, LisaP, Stacy, SpongeBob - your attitudes towards this beast has
helped more than once to keep me thinking positive. Sorry there just isn't enough room to name you all!

To all a big 'THANK YOU"! To all the newbie's never give up the faith, stage 4 can and is being beaten everyday! (The doctors did say that my husbands positive attitude also played a big part).

Have a great weekend all! I will still be checking out the site everyday. One last question.... hubby was dx'ed in January, but had his last surgery in April, would this April be his 1st anniversary?

Sue (((((HUGS)))))

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Thank you for taking the time to share such INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! Regardless of where a person is on this journey, we all thrive on happy outcomes!!

As far as anniversary dates, I've heard it both ways....either based on diagnosis or based on surgery date. Either way, it's victorious! Maybe you two will join us in Nashville this September where we can officially celebrate this milestone in person? The Nashville Hilton is just a phone call away!!!!!

Major celebration hugs,


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Nashville would be nice, but we will have to wait and see.

Not knowing what the future held for us last year, we made arrangements to take our granddaughter to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. So if we are able to save between now and then we would love to be there!

Sue ((((HUGS))))

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Great news Sue and good to hear from you again!!!!!

I understand about what date to celebrate. I have no clue since I did not follow the usual steps to get to NED. My oncologist and I will be discussing my anniversary dates next Friday cuz I want him to agree with the "magical 5 year" cancer free anniversary that I am striving for. Find your own date/dates that mean the most to you both. I think I am going to end up with 3-4 significant celebratory anniversaries. The more the better....you know how us semi-colons like to celebrate.

Keep us posted and don't stay away so long next time!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Sue,
What a story! and what a great outcome for you and hubby. Thank you for posting. I have just reached my 3 years since surgery date in December, and had this discussion with my onc. She said she counts from the conclusion of active treatment, which will mean I'll be 3 years out in July. Like scouty says, I am going to mark my own anniversaries; every milestone we reach is one more reason to celebrate life and make the most of the time we have been given! Big hugs to you and hubby. Give that naked happy dance a try!

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Hi Sue:
Great to hear from you - absolutely wonderful news..can you semail me pls and let me know where in Canda you were able to get a chemo wash...we are kicking our way through the horrid CAnadian medical situation and right now can't believe we can not get Erbitux here../
TAke care

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