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He made it.

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Joined: Nov 2005

Just want to update on my father. He came out of critcal condition from his second liver resection. 95% of the tumor is out by surgery. The other 5% was dealt with by RFA because the tumor lies near the arteries. Dad's CEA went down to 2.8 and doctor said that if should continue to go down. He checked out of the hospital this morning. I am surprised to hear this. I am SOOOO happy for him.

I think the HAI pump will be turned on soon after a few weeks of recovery. Thanks to all who sends good words, thoughts and vibes. Your support means a lot!!!


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what feelings of reief you & your father must feel tonight. seems that celebration is in order..

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This is wonderful news. Rejoice in your dad's good health! Monica

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Great news!! I am happy for you and your dad. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers...Audrey

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What great news! Thanks for keeping us updated.
God bless-

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Hi Carm,

Wow, that's great news!!! Your family must be so relieved to know this!!! By the time Chinese New Year rolls around, your dad will be clamouring for some fried dough for breakfast again :-)

Thanks for sharing your great news!


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Haha Ying, you are funny. The Fried dough store is right across from my apartment. They start cooking at 4 am every morning.
When is Chinese New Year? I have to find out.

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Great news, Carm!

Glad for you both.

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Thats so great Carm ! Am so glad to hear good news. ! Will keep him in my prayers.

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I am very happy to hear this great news Carm!!!!

Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted as he heals.

Lisa P.

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Thank God he is doing so well. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

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Wow -- this is fantastic news. Great stuff.
Chinese New Year is 17-20 Feb. The streets are ablaze with all the decorations already.

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