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Staceygleason, nanuk and other stage IV

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Hi !
Just wanted to thank you all....
Every time I feel "down" I come and read your notes....
"Stage IV 5 year survivor"...cancer free....etc etc etc....I think is so good for the newbies to read your post ..and you guys always make sure to remind us that it can be done. Do not know if is luck, diet, attitude or of course prayers.( or a combination of all ) but...there are people making it out there...and "we" can be the next ones...
Thanks !!!

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I agree. When I start worrying about the possiblity of another recurrance or of spread it is reassuring to me to read their stories and posts. That's why I think it is important for all of us to keep periodic contact even if we have been "free" of the beast for years.


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boy, are you welcome...!

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