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five year point

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anyone have any idea of what happens after the five year period.I know I go once per year for a check up.I am concerned of it coming back someplace else in the body. I am a stage three with one lymph node infected which was removed with a section of my colon. Completed chemo- 18 treatments.

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so far as I know the 5 year mark is supposed to be the magic number when you can truly be considered cancer free, but as you suggest, the beast can be lurking, and that's why we test..go forward and be cancer free every day..forget what's behind and think forward with the curiousity of a child and the confidence that you have slayed the beast. bud

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Congrats on your milestone!!!

I am a 5 yr survivor of stage 4. I get a colonoscopy every 2 yrs now, and a CT scan and PET scan every year, along with a bone scan. My concern was also that it would come back in a different spot. I suggested to my oncologist that in addition to scanning the abdomen to also check out the lungs. I am not on any maintenance chemo, and have had no recurrences.

Unfortunately, I think things like insurance and education of your physician influences the follow up a person gets. I figure I'll do every test under the sun to detect any little change in order to get it addressed. As you know....you cannot fix what you do not find!

Best wishes,


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yes Health ,my doc told me i was cured of that tumor ,just watch out for new ones. I have scopes every two years (I was st 3 6 bad nodes). They keep finding and removing polyps but I'm up past yr9 and still no ca . Good luck mate just live your life, Ron.

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ron50 thank you for the information. it was very helpful. i wish you continued health

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HEALTH...no one really knows what will happen tomorrow. I am 8yrs a survivor of stage III and have to go every 6 months for an exam by the oc. I have an exray every yr and my colonoscopy is every three yrs now. I don't have CT scans or PET scans. Your cancer sounds just like mine. I don't even think about it. I live my life and am as busy as I want to be. Don't live your life wondering if it comes back. That does no good and we have no control of that. Be happy.

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Its so good as a stage iv and 18mo. out to hear stories like yours. As Stacy says, just check on it and then just don't worry. We never know what will happen to us in this lifetime, a piano could fall on your head.

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Hi, I am a 13 year stage4 surviver, and have just gone to 3 yearly colonoscopies. Over the years I have had a partial mastectomy, ovary removed, nodes on my voice box and a few other things removed. Due to ongoing scans etc, all these things were picked up in a pre-cancerous state, so there is your answer. Make sure you keep getting checked, as often as needed.

Virginia, from down under.

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