my scans are back and so is the beast

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hello everyone, got the news of my scan results today, they show that liver and lung mets are back. will start chemo again next week. not looking forward to it, but i know it must be done. what i need most right now is all of your prayers and lots of them. i appreciate all of your support and thank you for all your concern, i will keep you posted as things move along, my love to you all.


  • AnnieM939
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    You certainly have my prayers. God Bless and Best Wishes.

  • nanuk
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    remember to stay positive lynn; it is so important. Never give up! Never stop fighting.
    prayers have been ordered. bud
  • scouty
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    I was already with you Lynn but will rachet up my prayers. You beat it back once, you can do it again girlfriend. Get it done, so we can meet you in Nashville!!!!!

    Lisa P.
  • StacyGleaso
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    If anyone can do this, you can. Finding it is really cannot treat what you do not find. So by staying on top of it, you will succeed. You are with the many on this site that I think of often with hopes of getting through these rough times.

    We are all sharpening our swords to help you slay this brave.

  • katefm
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    You are in our prayers. Wishing you the best of luck.

  • jenalynet
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    I will be praying for you and sending good thoughts your way..Audrey
  • valeriec
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    Thinking of you and praying for you every day. You can do this.
    God bless-
  • dancethrulife
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    Hi Lynn
    You are top of my thoughts and prayers list.

  • hicarm
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    Dear Lynne
    From What I remember, you have great attitude. Keep fighting!!! Take one step at a time. PRayers and good vibes send to you way.

  • jams67
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    I will be praying for you. Think of all of those not posting who will be praying also. Stay positive and be sure to keep us up to date. jams
  • vinny3
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    Not the results we wanted to hear but you have beaten back the beast before and can do it again. We will keep you in our prayers. Keep us informed of your progress.

  • lynn1222
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    vinny3 said:

    Not the results we wanted to hear but you have beaten back the beast before and can do it again. We will keep you in our prayers. Keep us informed of your progress.


    thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, i will keep you all posted on my progress. you all are very inspiring to me and i consider myself lucky to have you.

    love to all
  • hopefulone
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    Lynn, your in my prayers. Keep fighting!
  • Betsydoglover
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    Hi Lynn -

    I know you can beat this again. Finding it is scary, but it is the necessary step to beating the ****!

    I wish you the best - you'll conquer this one too.

    Take care,
  • livin
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    Hi Lynn, keep the faith never give up hope some times it takes us longer than others to rid the beast. Some say Cancer is a Chronic Illness, hang in there .
  • Monicaemilia
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    Lynn: As I sat here facing the fact that maybe surgery might not be in my future, I googled a website on attitude and cancer. They told of one woman who had cancer throughout her body, but her determination to live kept her alive at least 26 years on chemo (as of the writing of the article she was still alive). This is just another blip, you can do it. You'll be in my prayers. Monica