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1st Colonoscopy - Drinking Prep and Scared

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Bit of background. I live in Melbourne, Australia and am 51yo. Love dancing so my ID had to feature that and am prone to spontaneously break out into a few steps if the music moves me - strictly non professional.

I'm prepping as we speak for my 1st colonoscopy after experiencing stomach bloating every day for about 3 weeks, change in bowel habit (constipation), blood on toilet paper and in stool (not huge amount). Have not lost weight or felt particularly tired. Visited doctor who recommended adding more fibre to my healthy diet. Ended up in ER the Sunday before last with stomach cramps and vomiting. X-rays did not reveal anything other than constipation so was referred for colonoscopy and I booked myself in asap.

Must say that the amount of liquid to drink for this test is a bit daunting but need to remind myself that I'm a friend of BillW (sober 15 years) and I am perfectly capable of drinking 2 litres of fluid!

I have been lurking on this site for a few days and your personal stories and information have really helped me. I believe in expecting the best but preparing for the worst.

Thank you all very much. I will post in a couple of days and let you know how I get on.

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Welcome to the site. Hopefully you will not become an official member of the semi-colons. The prep is the worst part of the procedure. Hope everything comes out alright (no pun intended).


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BTW- I loved watching the Australian Open. Melbourne looks like a beautiful city.

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Welcome to the most supportive, helpful and understanding family you will find on the internet. We all here hope that everythings comes out clear and but ask that you keep us informed.


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Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully, you will not have to become a member of our group. Please let us know of your testing results.



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The colonoscopy is scary (although painless) it's the worrying and the damage that your wandering mind can do that is the worst! Here's hoping the best for you. Wouldn't it be great if the doctor just came back and told you to take some ExLax?!! :)


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