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My Visit With The ONC Today

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My initial background is copied below this message if you wish to read the history of all this...

Hi all!!!!!

Here is an update for you on my cancer journey:
Found out today from my oncologist that the CAT scans I had last week show something
of concern in the prostate organ. It is about the size of the point end of a ball
point pen. So I will be visiting a urologist in order to take the steps to determine
if this is anything of more concern.

As relates to the colon cancer:
The CAT and PET scans showed nothing else in the area of the colon, digestive system
and nearby associated organs. I will be starting chemotherapy on Thursday of this
week and will take it every two weeks on Thursdays for 12 doses, or a total of 24
weeks. It will be a combination of three drugs. The name of the combination of all
three together is FOLFOX. Two of the drugs, 5-FU and Leucovorin, are taken together
at the cancer center through IV. The third one called Oxaliplatin, is taken outside
the center through a small portable pump for 48 hours. This will be done every two

The prognosis looks very good. Even if the prostrate issue turns out to be positive
for cancer, it is small enough and early enough to be taken care of. As far as the
colon cancer,the tumor has been removed in it's entirety, and the chemotherapy
is a stop gap to hopefully destroy any single cancer cells that might have gotten
loose during the surgery or at another time, before they can take hold somewhere
and begin growing. I am determined that I will be able to watch my 4 year old grandson
graduate from high school and maybe college, and I feel like this is a positive
step toward that goal.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


---- Cancer History ---
I am a 60 year old male in the eastern Atlanta, GA area. I went for a scheduled routine colonostomy Dec 14th, 2006 unaware of any symptoms of any kind. Healthy as a horse. He found a tumor in the ceccum, the area between the large and small intestine where the small int. dumps liquid into the large. Too big to snare, and lookng malignant, I sheduled surgery immediately on his recommendations. Labroscopic Surgery Dec 20 , 2006, came home Christmas afternoon in time for dinner with all the family. What a joy!!! Was back to work half days in three weeks, began full days the fourth week. Recovery from surgery has been marvelous. Have been to two oncs, one recommended by the surgeon, the other we picked as a second opinion. We have chosen the referred one. My tu,or was a stage II with 0 nodes. Have had CAT and PET scan and bloodwork, and have appointment Monday next week (01-29) to get results, and consult on what to do next. The surgeon and the onc are slightly in disagreement on the lab results. Surgeon says the tumor had invaded the outside wall of the intestine, microscopically. The onc says that it has not. I have advised them to get on the phone together and come to a matching conclusion before Monday. I feel they are heading toward a recommendation of a round of chemo. Percentage of possible return in the colon or elsewhere is 18 to 20 % if I do nothing. My feelings at this point.... I, my wife and kids watched my wife's Mother and Father both die from cancer. If a round of chemo and monitoring the rest of my life can drop that percentage by 5 or 6 points, I am willing. I am lucky enough to work for a company that puts health and family first. My position as a computer manager allows me to do work from home when needed. I have been assured that as long as I can at least consult with the office over the phone when needed, that my pay is not in jeapordy. I would like your thoughts on my case. I know about side effects, etc. I also know that they are not the same for everyone. I also know that I do not want to lay in a bed and take 6 months to a year to die like I have seen twice. Thanks for reading and thanks for any input you might have.

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Mickey - it sounds like everything is under control. I am very happy for you. And let's pray that the spot on the prostate is not cancer. Chemo is not a picnic but it certainly is a way to ensure that any microscopic bits are eliminated. I think the way you do, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that I am here for my son's graduation. And you will be here for your grandson's. Have faith! Monica

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i am so happy to hear that things look good for you. you WILL watch your grand son graduate, never doubt that mickey, god bless you and keep your spirits up

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It sounds like you have a good outlook and prognosis. I hope and pray that the prostate nodule is nothing to be concerned about. I did 9 cycles of Folfox but then did stop due to the side effects but everyone reacts differently.

Keep us informed of your progress and how the prostate situation comes out.


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It is really good news to hear that the tumor in the colon was removed and margins and nodes came back clear.

There are many folks here that have undergone the FLOFOX regime that you will be undergoing, so feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to help you get through.

This wonderful family got me through and continues to help me.

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Hi Mickey,

Your attitude will serve you well on your chemotherapy journey. I, too, had the Folfox and was able to complete all 12 cycles. I even had 135 mg. of oxaliplatin which I understand has been reduced at this time.

We are all here to support you as you make your way to complete healing. I'm hoping the prostate situation turns out to be something benign.



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Hi Mickey,

I'm glad about the colon cancer results. There are a lot of us that have done folfox so ask away. I'm sending good vibes that the prostrate concern is nothing. Keep hugging your grandson knowing that you will be around to see him graduate.

Lisa F.

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Will the chemo help if you have prostate cancer? Looks like it would destroy any lurking cancer cells.

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