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Write Congress

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No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on it is time to write your Senators/Representatives. In today's USA Today , 5D in the Life section, is an article indicating that the administration is proposing cutting the budget of the National Cancer Institute for the second straight year. One of the reasons given is that NCI funding is still high, has doubled in the past decade and it was noted that the number of cancer deaths had decreased.

It seems to me that we have a long way to go in the battle against cancer and that funding should be increased rather than decreased. I'm not much of an activist but am writing my letters now.


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I knew something like that was going to happen after all the BS hoopla over a miniscule 1/2 of a percent drop. ACS should be ashamed for making such a durn big deal out of it. What they didn't tell you about the stats are only a few kinds of cancer had decreased deaths (CRC begin one), most went up. BUT, the most significant statistic left out was a drop in new cases during that same timeframe which then spiked 2-3% each in 2005 and 2006. 1.4 million Americans will get told they have cancer this year, up from last year of course while over 550,000 will die.

We have got to start screaming for prevention just as loudly as we do a "cure".

I wrote all of mine after I went to the ACS site and reviewed all the data. It sickended me to hear all the celebrating over what seemed like nothing to me!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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We just need to send a copy of your letter when we write. Thank you.

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I'm composing one now...

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It is a shame when we are penalized for living longer with cancer! The cure needs to be found and ways to prevent cancer! UGH. They should take a poll of cancer patients to see what we think of the cut. Maybe if we all contact the USA Today with a rebutal? Bring more awareness. Going home and writing a letter.

Lisa F.

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