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when do I consider Ca-125 rising?

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My Mom's Ca 125 in July was 12 in Nov it was 10 and this month it is 16, I'm I suppose to consider this a warning. Our Onc says that as long as it's in the normal range it's o.k... is that true???

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My onc/gyn has said the same thing. Also they look for a upward trend, like..5..10..20..40. Your Mom could have a had a small infection or cold that caused the rise especially since were talking winter months. They also look to see if it shows up on the ct scan as well. This is the first rise she has had, and as I explained many many things can make a ca-125 rise. I'll be keeping you and your Mom in prayer...(((hugz)))...Joanne

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Thank you, I'll update you on what the Dr. Said... were seeing him in 2 hours.

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I am an ovarian cancer survivor:
My nurse says: Her ca 125 is 35 which is normal:
Mine and you mom is much lower...
We are less than 1/2 way to "normal" How great is that?

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