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thank you and update

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Dear all,
Thank you to those who replied. Here is the update. The doctor took out the 5 cm successfully, but not all of the 3 cm tumor that lies in between the main arteries. He put radioactive agents to kill the cells. What is that? Does anyone know? He said that it would take the pump and chemo to take care of the remaining tumor. He said that dad is in critical stage these 4 days.

On the bright side, dad did call me at our usual saturday evening chat time (he lives in Hong Kong, and I, on the east coast). He did sound like a frog considering it was just less than 48 hours of the surgery. It was just wonderful to hear his voice again. I will take that.

Thank you all for support.


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Hi Carm,

Sounds like they are right on top of things over there. Thank God they were able to take out the larger tumor and will be able to take care of the other one. I'm not sure what these radioactive agents are that they are using. Could it just be another name for radiation? Anyway, I will keep your dad in my prayers that he has a smooth recovery time and that he will once again be NED.

God bless,


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Praying that your dad sails through these next few days and that things only get better and better! Keeping you and your dad in my prayers. keep us posted.
God bless-

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Hi Carm. Let us know how your Dad is doing . Prayers are with you.

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Hi Carm,

I will be keeping your dad in my prayers. Please tell us how he is doing.

Lisa F

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