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My good friend

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My good friend little brother was recently diagnosed with a type of eye cancer and has to begin kemo, the boy is about 5 years old. When my friend told me this I wanted to say something that would really make him feel better. Does anyone have some advice on what I should say to him about his brother? If you do thank you very much

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Here is some advice: if it doesn't come from your own heart, don't bother saying it.

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I think it's wonderful that you have taken the trouble to find a support group online to help your friend. I think your friend is very lucky to have you. I know some people who have lost friends because they were scared to say the wrong thing, so they stopped seeing them. I think you could start by telling him/her that you're sorry they are going through a hard time, and that you are there if your friend wants to talk about it. People take bad news differently. Some like to talk about it and for some people it takes a while for them to want to talk. I think just by being around for your friend, it will help a lot. How old are you?

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Suggest he visit these discussion boards - don't know how old your friend is.

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Just tell your friend you're sorry he is going through this. Let him know you will be there to listen if he needs to talk. There aren't any magic words just those that let him know that you are his friend. Fay

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