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how many times can you do this?

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How many times can one have liver resections? The highest number I have heard is 4. Does anyone here have more than one liver resection?

My dad just had his second resection and details are in my previous post. His cancer camce back to the liver. I just cannot imagine numerous open surgeries.


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My onc said I could have another one and I've only had one. It may depend on how much they have to remove, or maybe there is new technology. That was over a year ago. jams

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I just read the response here and realized I should have said, "My onc said I couldn't have another one." Could be because I had one lobe removed and part of the other one(about 50%). I will be interested to know if anyone has had this done again after resectioning this much. Hope so in case I need it at some future date.

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Hi I have had 2 liver resections. My surgeon said as long as it is resectable I can have them over and over, not sure as I have not done any research on this.

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as far as i have heard the liver is the only organ that regrows.
so i guess as long as it grows they can resect.
be well
never,ever give up

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I don't really know, buy my understanding is that the liver is like a lizards tail! Yeek.......it can grow back numerous times, I think.
Good question for your doctor.

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