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first posting

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This is my first posting, I had stage 3 colorectal, diagnosed August of 05, had my ileostomy takedown end of last June. I cant believe how many people were told they had hemorrhoids, same here, for 2 years! Had a sigmoid and they completely missed it, finally got diagnosed at 39 years old. Still having a hell of a time with cluster stools, I think I'm going to survive cancer and end up in a mental hospital! Can still have 20 trips to the bathroom on any given day. Have had a few 5 day streches that seemed pretty regular, so am hopefull. Still doesnt seem to be any consistancy, cant figure out which foods are the best. I could relate to so many of you, hope to connect as soon as possible. I to, have wished for the bag back at times!

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Welcome to the semi-colons! Some days I wish I had your problem. I'm the direct opposite now. Taking Senekot WAY to often. I was dx Dec. 19th and had surgery Dec 20, 2005. I was dx with IBS which is another common thing we get dx with. Nobody thought that at 42 I would have colon cancer. Before I went in for the colonoscopy they thought diverticulitis, colits... I'm sure lots here know the speel. I now get hyper when I don't go every day. LOL. Take care.

Lisa F.

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I also have an ileostomy! And hope to have a reversal soon, my rectum is not healing.

Did you have radiation before surgery?


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I did have radiationa and chemo before the resection, that was oct/nov of 05. Chemo after too. There is another posting in this area that has a link to a real specific bowel retraining regiman that I started last night. I had one prefect BM last night after starting it! I hope it is a sign of good things. I wish I had it right when I was reconected. I'll try and locate the site and send it to you. Good luck.

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Here is the link I was talking about


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Hi and welcome!
I too had a temporary ileostomy with the take-down in September. I still make 8 -12 bathroom trips a day - mostly in the morning and the evening. It can be hard to get out of the house to get to work on time! I know what you mean about the food issue. Sometimes it seems that nothing makes it better. There are things that definitely make my day worse, though. I had a handful of popcorn once that I thought would kill me. I won't be do that again. Good luck, I hope things keep improving for you.

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Don't be discouraged! It does take time..my husband was dx three and a half years ago and still has several bowel movements in the evenings. Have you tried Metamucil? It might help and will certainly do no harm.

All the best,

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I know what you are going through. Please check your email.


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