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Stage 4-you know it can be beaten....

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I posted back in September about a friend with stage 4 colon cancer, mets to the liver. They wouldn't even do surgery....put him on agressive chemo. Well, surprise! The chemo worked so well (he lost 45 pounds, and has a feeding tube, granted) that he had resection surgery on Monday, with removal of the gall bladder, 60% of the liver, and the ascending colon. AND HE IS SITTING UP IN BED, JOKING WITH THE NURSES, as of yesterday.

The last few Greys Anatomy shows sort of irritated me....portraying stage 4 as 'death is imminent, no reason for hope'. I am actually thinking about writing to ABC and complaining!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Attitude Attitude and more Attitude! That is what it takes! I strongly believe that, there is a mind body connection. And I personally feel any diag can be beaten and YOU have to feel that way too to survive.

I was talking to a nurse yesterday from back east, taking a survery about Cancer and she said she could tell in my voice that I would survive, I sounded very positive, I already knew I have this attitude, but it gives me a boostwhen others say it!

ATTITUDE goes a long way! And most importantly FAITH!

God Bless,


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I am very glad I am not a fan of Greys Anatomy and did not see those shows. I usually watch ER! I don't need one more thing to get mad about! Congratulations on your friend who was able to have his liver resection! Good job...

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Kathi -

Good news for your friend. I watched Grey's Anatomy last night (actually for the first time) and I was really PO'd. Gee she has a tumor, it's stage iv, go home with your parents and die! It may be a while before I watch that show again.


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Hi Kathi,

I'm so glad for your friend. Tell him congrats on proving the doctors wrong! If he is flirting with the nurses he is on the road to recovery. LOL. Will be sending good vibes for Monday.

Lisa F.

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I agree....there are stage 4 survivors....hell, I'm one!

However, I will still watch Grey's Anatomy....it's tv, entertainment, and not a medical journal. I know what you're saying, but I don't watch it for medical advice....just to drool over the hot docs!!

Tee hee,


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Are any of them drummers on the side Stacy??????? I never had watched Grey's Anatomy until CP5 in Halifax, Stacy asked us to, so we did. It was about all the beautiful people like most of the unrealistic TV shows. I haven't watched it since and probably won't, I don't like it when TV "brainwashes" people into the fears it can. Not everyone is as smart as we stage IV survivors are.

Lisa P.

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Stacy - the docs are HOT!!!

Betsy (but the Stage IV stuff still ticked me off)

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My kids were watching it with me last night and they kept saying the same thing about the whole stage 4 status of that Amish gal. They couldn't understand how doctors would think she would need to go home to die. My 7 yr old said, "Geez mom, you know this isn't real! YOU were stage 4 and you didn't die. They don't know what they're talking about!" Classic, simply classic! Even TV doctors are clueless!!!


P.S. Now....let's talk about hot drummers! lol......

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please send your friend my congrats and my prayers, god heals all, just bieleve........


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I am so glad to hear the good results your friend had with chemo and surgery.

I agree. You should write someone! That is your gift. I did not see the show but I would have been upset if I had.

Too long, people have been led to believe that a dx of CC, especially at stage 4, is hopeless.

When people learn that my hubby was stage 4 they just shake thier head and express how sorry they are for us. It is almost like they are expressing condolances for a deceased person.

Now we have so many people like you out there
letting the world know there is hope for all stages of CC and testing is vital, here comes a show trying to set thing back 10 years. I think the writers failed to do their homework on this one or they relied on stats from years ago.

I think that you should write and enlighten these people. If I knew who to write, I would be happy to add my comments as well.

Go for it.


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