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update-good vibes needed

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Hi all,
I have not been posting for a while, just want to give an update of my father. His CEA has been rising steadily, 4.1, 7.8 then 12.8. PET scanned ordered last Tuesday and showed 2 new tumors on his liver, 5cm and 3 cm( near the main artery, yikes). Liver resection (this is his second resection since last April 2006), which lasted for 8 hours! Doctor said that everything depends on these coming 4 days. IF he is OK, the HAI pump will be turned on with 5-FUDR. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


dad DX in Novermber 2005 stage 4 with liver mets
Colon resection, Dec 2005
Chemo on Avastin, Oxiliplatin, Xeloda
Liver resection, April 2006 (HAI pump installed)
Chemo, Avastin,CPT-11, Xeloda, 5-FUDR in pump
Second liver resection, Jan 2007

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Done. Hugs to you, too....it's MUCH harder to watch, than to be the patient...we get to be as onery as we want...hehehehehe!

Hugs and good vibes for dad,

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HUGS!!! Good vibes coming your way for dad and the rest of the family. It is the hardest to sit and watch someone go through this. I had to do both and I would rather fight the beast myself then watch a parent or loved one go through the hell. Please tell him we are thinking of him.

Lisa F.

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Consider it done Carm!!!!!!!!! You're Dad is in my prayers!!

Lisa P.

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i will be praying for you dad carm, hang in there,it can be beat.sending you and your family hugs at this time.

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Hi Carm,
I know exactly how you feel. My mom is also stage 4 and it is very hard to watch someone you love, more than life itself, fight this fight. Hang in there and know that you and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Ouch Carm - what a bumpy time your dad's having! Is he having the surgery in HK or in the US? I am sending him very strong healing vibes!



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He did the resection in HK. I am not even "watchining" but waiting by the phone. He is still in critical stage. Please send prayers.

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You got it. Monica

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Carm, More prayers coming for you and your dad. Judy

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Hi Carm,
Hi Carm,
I'm so glad you updated us about your Dad and I have been thinking of you both alot lately and wondering how he is doing. Good vibes and many prayers for him in the coming days.

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Thinking of you and your father and family. Sending love and prayers your way.

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Carm, you and your Dad are in my prayers. Keep the faith !

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