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Friday Yummies

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Hi Guys:

Now that I've run out of clean jokes for our Friday giggles, I am having to come up with another plan :)

Thanks to Carm and Scouty, I got the idea of the Friday Yummies - to share some my favorite healthy food trivia and recipes.

So, here we go, the first of the food yummies.

Have a great weekend!

Quinoa - the Gold of the Incas

As a committed vegetarian, I am forever on the lookout for new, rich sources of protein to supplement the old tofu and eggs. This is when I came across the wonderful little grain - Quinoa. Pronounced as keen-wa, Quinoa was known as the Gold of the Incas for its nutritional value.

Quinoa's nutritional value just goes on and on and on. I strongly recommend the wonderful web site "World's Healthiest Foods" where you can read all about it. It is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The link is http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=142#descr.

I can find Quinoa at my local Whole Foods Market. There are lots of on-line places where you can get it too.

Quinoa tastes nutty but light, with the most delifhtful little grains with cute little curly tails. And, it is so easy to cook! Here are some of my quick fixes:

1. A colorful, high fiber, high antioxidant, high living enzyme salad
Boil quinoa until soft
Add diced fresh pineapple, fresh pappaya, red bell pepper, cooked blackbeans (cooled), corn, chopped green onions, tomatoes, cilantro. Dress with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Hmmm...make sure to get fresh pineapple and papayas. The can'd stuff ain't worth eating. The fresh stuff, on the other hand, is full of good enzymes. You can read in Quillin's book on why pineapple and papayas are such great foods.

2. The Incan Cous Cous
Boil Quinoa, set aside
Sautee chopped tomatoes, onions, winter squash, zucchini, and carrots. Pour on top of Quinoa and serve with belly-dancers.

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This is wonderful!!! I'm heading to Whole Foods as soon as I get dressed. BTW, what are you doing up so late????

Thanks for the recipes. Great yummies!


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Thanks Ying! I love the website. Now have it in my favorites. Will have to go at lunchtime during work since have one near. Love the place, just have to remember I only have 1 hour for lunch. LOL.

Lisa F.

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Good stuff Ying. I use Quinoa as I would rice in my favorite veggie casseroles dishes. I make my own homemade salsa that has pineapple in it and use it warmed slightly to dress it along with some fish or poultry if folks aren't vegan. The nicest thing about Quinoa is it is just as good cold as it is warm and it is great for folks that need gluten free products!!!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Ying,
Great idea! My son the vegetarian has helped to guide us to a much improved diet, although I had already tried to be mindful of whole foods (not just the store!) and good nutrition. Keep the ideas coming. Judy

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