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2 Down 10 to go....side effects

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Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well with all of you. Well my husband got thru his 2 treatment quite well but I have questions as usual (so glad you all are here!)anyways as each treatment comes and goes will the side effects stick around longer. My husband pretty much feels okay on the first 2 days of chemo but on the third day he gets tired. Then when they unhook him he pretty much sleeps day 4 and 5 away with some nasua, and of course the cold thing which both were a little worse this time. He said just today this one was a little harder to shake off. His fingers are still picky as he calls it and its been 7 days after. I guess I am just wondering if by the time we get to the 7 or 8 is he gonna feel yucky pretty much all the time. Just want to prepare as we go down this road. Thanks Sandy

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Hi Sam,
My husband is currently on day 2 of his fourth cycle. We have found that is does take longer to recover with each subsequent cycle. The effects of chemo are cumulative so it's not surprising. We have been lucky that he has not had any neuropathy as yet and his cold sensitivity is minimal. I would say to be prepared for things to get worse with each round since it sounds like your husband is having quite a few side effects.
Good luck,

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Is your husband on FOLFOX? As you know, there is a lot of individual variation in terms of side effects. But in my experience, some of the side effects resolve betweeen each cycle, but some are cumalative and can get worse over time. Like your husband, I was usually OK first 2 days of treatment, sleepy days 3 & 4, then back to almost normal. This pattern continued for me until about cycle 9 when the fatigue started getting worse -- i needed a nap during the afternoon. Nausea also subsided after a few days and that did not get worse for me (or better!). The 'tingly fingers' persisted and maybe worsened a little. Sensitivity to cold (finger, toes, mouth) only lasted a few days after each cycle -- but I avoided touching cold things from the fridge all the time. Good to discuss these things with your doc. I tried various things for the peripherpal neuropathy (fingers). I'm still taking B6. Not sure how much it helps but it doesn't hurt. Mine resolved several months after chemo ended.

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Hi Sandy,
Last week I just finished my 8th cycle of chemo. My picky fingers as you call it last me about 7-8 days. It affects my feet ,fingers, and my mouth. I'm pretty tired most of the time but the week after chmo is the worst for me. You just seem to get use to it I guess. Well best wishes for your husband. And god bless you for being there for him.

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Hi Sandy: I was on Oxaliplatin for 11 rounds, and I found that the first two days were good (thanks to the anti-nausea medication that contains steroids) and then 3-4 days of sleep. After that it got continually better. I did find that the side effects did accumulate as time went by, especially the tingling in the fingers/toes, and I also had quite an issue with my throat. However, as someone else mentioned, I had some side effects disappear, such as the clenching of the jaw (hopefully your husband has not had the pleasure). I did not find I was any MORE fatigued at Round 11 than Round 2. As you probably have heard a million times, everyone reacts differently. Let's just pray your husband does not get any worse side effects. Monica

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I was on the FLOFOX regime of 5FU, Oxy and Lecu. In the hospital I received the Oxy and Lecu then got hooked-up to the 5FU pump for 46 hours. The prolonged side effect I had was the tingling of the hands, fingers, and feet. The worst was at work when my wrists locked-up while writing and typing. Below are some other side effects I received, but remember, each person reacts differently to chemo because of our DNA. Some people get NO side effects while others get them all.

Tingling of hands and feet
Flushing (red)of face and neck
Burning feeling in chest (took Nexium)
Tingling of tongue, nose and mouth
Nose bleeds. Blow nose really lightly
Hives on checks, arms and back
Slight headaches (comes and goes)
Little red dots on legs and belly

What helped, my cancer team would ask me at each treatment what side effects I was having, so the doctor always knew and I always saw my doctor at each visit.

Make sure your cancer care team is aware of ALL side effects.

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Like the others said, everyone is different. Make sure your husband sleeps when he feels the need. It is NOT being a wimp to do this. It will be his new "normal". Also have him drink lots of water (of course at room temp) to flush the nasty chemo out of his system. This might help some of the side effects. The only symptom you didn't mention that I had was nothing started tasting good after a few cycles. Taste changed too. I love hot/spicy foods but the chemo made them either too spicy or taste nasty. If this starts happening, tell him that it is normal. He will have to find what still tastes good to him. I found that salty stuff and any type of food with speghetti sauce. Ask his doctor about the neuropathy. B6 is something good to start taking now. I know others have had infusions of magnesium and something else that escapes me right now (chemo brain). Oh, that is also normal. He will probably notice the chemo brain after a few more cycles. Tell him not to panic about it. Walking also might help the "yucky" feeling. Fresh air and getting out helped me. I started feeling ok (not great) about 2 days before my next infusion. HUGS and tell him we are all pulling for him!

Lisa F.

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