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Clinical Trials

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Has anyone gone through or currently going through a clinical trial for their treatment? Your thoughts on the experience would be greatly appreciated.

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I was on a pharmakological clinical trial of Oxaliplatin/Xeloda/Avastin. Avastin has not yet been approved in Canada, so this was a good way to get access to the drug without the cost. I think what you need to make sure is that the clinical trial is right for your mom. In my case, the drugs were already in use in the States and the only reason I was on a trial was to determine how long the drugs stayed in the blood. There is another trial coming up but my doctor thinks it is too risky for me because there is no such assurance that it will work and I'm still at a point where we might be able to do surgery. There are also trials where a placebo is part of the trial. I guess my best advice is to become very informed about the trial proposed so that it offers your mother the best treatment. I hope this helps. Monica

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