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Re: Lower back and leg pain

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Has anyone ever had these symptoms r/t uterine cancer?

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I had lower back pain and leg pain-the leg pain was caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that sent an embolism to my lung. That's when my gynecologist did a mini-biopsy of my uterus and found the cancer that she suspected. A swollen leg caused by deep vein thrombosis can be a symptom of lower body cancer.

If your leg hurts, and especially if it's swollen, please have it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible! If you were to have an embolism, it could cause a stroke. I was lucky to have it settle in my lung. It's easy to avoid with blood thinners, but if you suspect you may have uterine cancer, please discuss this with your doctor.

Please don't wait if your leg is swollen at all. Deep vein thrombosis can kill you quicker than anything. I'm sure you heard about David Bloom, the 39 year old NBC reporter who was killed by it.

My back pain was caused by my abdomen being so swollen.

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