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Re: Just found out

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I have recently been diagnosed with uterine cancer. My 1st appointment is tommorrow. I have set up two appointments with two different onc doctors. The next visit is next Wednesday. Any advice? I do not know anyone who has had this type of cancer

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Good luck with your dr. visit -- great that you are seeing 2 different docs -- first and foremost you need to be comfortable with your selection of a doctor as you will be hoping to continue a long term relationship with this doctor as you survive and have years of follow-up visits -- I suggest you read my web page (kellyw314) for info on my initial diagnosis and treatment -- Surgery will probably be in your immediate future and the staging will determined after pathology analysis -- spread and percentage of penetration (if any)into the endometrial lining will dictate recommendations for any further follow-up treatments. I didnot experience leg etc. pain, but others may have-- again best of luck to you as you go through the next weeks.

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Hi, I replied to the first posting I saw before seeing this one. I hope everything went well at your doctor's visit, and will help you with your anxiety. Uterine cancer is fairly common, but it's still frightening to hear the words announcing it. I'm glad you've come to this board to discuss it!

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Hi, Just saw your posting and know that by now you are well into your treatment. I am just about finished with mine. Total Hysterectomy, chemo, beam radiation and brackeytherapy. I still have two HDR (brackeytherapy) treatments to go. Long trip and lots of appointments, but in my case, without any real problems. You lose hair, it comes back. Chemo gives you aches and pains, but they go away. Radiation produces gastro problems - gas, diarrhea, nothing over the counter stuff can't help. It will be over soon enough and you can begin living your normal life again.

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