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Decreased chemo dose

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Hi, am wondering if anyone has had to go further than their original 12 treatments after having their chemo doses decreased? Hubby had to have Oxi stopped after 8 tx's and the 5-FU was cut in half as well. Any info will be appreciated:) Thanks, Ginny

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I had dosages decreased (but not by half) and I had to stop the whole thing after nine of 12. But my doc did tell me that the numbers of doses are somewhat arbitrary...I hope I received enough to kill the cells (it was sure knocking the rest of me to bits)...

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I was DX in July 06 with Stage II, NO/MO colon cancer. I was told that for insurance and precuationary measures I should have the FLOFOX regime, 12 treatments every other week. I started the FLOFOX Regime on 18 August 06. On 20 October 06 I requested that my regime be reduced to the side effects. My Onc Doc agreed and reduced all chemo drugs by 20%. I asked my Onc. Doc the same question. If I reduce my chemo treatments does that mean I need to extend the treatments and according to him, NO. Industry standards due to Toxicity indicates reduction in treatments, but if someone reaches a certain level of toxicity, treatments are stopped even if reduction is too much.

I hope this helps.

Posts: 135
Joined: Oct 2006

Thanks for the info....we're planning a getaway the week after that 12th tx:)Ginny

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