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Needed to touch base!!!!

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Hi to all my faithful friends!!

I just got home from having a rotten day!! I needed someone to talk to. Besides talking to myself. I so miss The coversations that Bob and I always had. I have been beside myself as I have been having nightmares, so I have been afraid to go to sleep. I went to work and it started out bad from the start. I put the bus in a ditch do to the icy roads.No one was hurt thankfully!!! Then I had to answer to everyone of importance at the school then a drug test and then telling me I can't work until they get the results which could be 3 days.Besides getting clearence from my Doctor after having my neck checked out since it hasn't been a year yet. So more money down the drain that I don't have. So, I came home since I couldn't work and found that my new neighbor decided he was going to trim all my hedges and scrubs down. I went nuts to say the least. Why can't people mind their own business, and just leave me alone !!!! All I want is peace and I can't find it anywhere. I try to hide as not to cry in front of anyone. As no one wants to see or hear it anymore.
I have been walking the driveway between splitting wood to get out of an awful mood. But it just doesn't seem to help. I decided that I would drop you guys a note, since you guys always seem to get me through my rough patches. I don't know if I am having a melt down from the holidays or I am just going over the edge, dreading the next go round. I'm sorry for the venting as you all are probably very tired of hearing me whine. I don't blame you guys at all, since I am tired of hearing myself also.

I hope all of you are doing well and staying warm!!! As it seems that everyone is having a cold spell.
Take Care of yourselves and know I think of you guys often!! Esp. the good times we had when I met some of you in Austin.

Best Wishes and Hugs to all!!


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Hi Sue,
I just read your post and just want to say you are in my prayers. I don't know your history on this board as I am new here (because of my husband)but please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you peace. Sandy

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Girl, what a rotten day! It can only get better so have no fear. I thought I'd share a little bus driver humor with you regarding a very dear friend of mine. Theresa, a gorgeaous green eyed reddish hair 40 something (who would kill me if she knew I was sharing this), started driving a school bus a few years ago after raising her 2 girls and getting a long needed divorce. Well one snowy cold day in PA, she was driving her route rather slowly due to raod conditions and although she has nothing wrong with her colon had a serious bout of diarrhea. Yikes, now what? Well, she drops off the last kid, finds a gas station, leaves the bus and tries to clean up in the gross restoom. This is not quite enough, so she has to tie her jacket around her waist to walk back through the parking lot in the midst of a few truck loads of construction workers who are no doubt checking her out! The darn bus door closed and she is locked out. So she has to climb through the back window- fanny up in the air- to get the heck out of there. She was needless to say mortified, but we have laughed very hard several times about this. Can you imagine? It's even funnier if you know her- she is so Lucy Ricardo! I hope I made you smile, even if just for a while! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!

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Hi Sue: I identify with your dark times, and sincerely wish I could be there to hug you..I remember your need last summer, and my heart went out to you.
I also have just come out of a terrible funk, which lasted over two weeks. It was horrible; the cumulative effect of things just took control. It's an extremey difficult place.
I used to drive school bus in Alaska, until one winter day in January, I was asked to take another driver's route because she was sick. I entered the bus and found an almost unreadable scratch copy of a map showing the student's name and pick up location. It was the driver's personal map, and very unreadable. I went back to the dispatch office and asked for a ride-a-long who was familiar with the students and their pick-up locations. They refused, and gave me the choice of taking the route, or resigning, which I did..All I could think of was some little 3rd grader, becoming a popsicle on some rural road-(temp -30)because the bus was lost.
After some thought, I was relieved that I had resigned; bottom line, if anything happens to a student as a result of driver negligence, that driver alone is legally responsible for each and every student on that bus..not worth the $10-12.00 they were paying.
(whose fault was it that the bus slid into the ditch?)
Hopefully, there is another job out there that doesn't lay that kind of responsibility on it's employees..
Maybe you should gather all the trimmings from your neighbors labors,light a bonfire, and dance naked around it..
love, bud

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Oh, Sue....rotten days can also serve to remind us that we are still alive and kicking. Believe me, if you have been following my posts, I have had MANY bad days. The good news???? There are also good days sprinkled in there, too!!! I found I could even laugh at some of the horrible stuff...so, read on...
I was on my cell phone talking to the coroner who handled my ex-hubby's stuff, asking where the death certificates I had ordered were. Or, so I thought. I was also on my home phone talking to the coroner for my daughter, who is not released yet for burial. So, after my repeat of my question about certificates, there was a long pause, and then a voice that said "I'm sorry, we don't normally send certificates until after the autopsy is complete". I was talking to the wrong coroner...now THAT is a situation for Readers Digest "All in a Day's Work", don't you think????

Hugs, Kathi

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Hang in there he only gives us as much as we can handle!

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Oh Sue,

I'm so sorry you had such a horrible day! I just sent you an e-mail so write me back! Big HUGS coming your way.

Lisa F.

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Out of curiosity, how much wood did you split? Hope you're careful getting too close to your neighbor with that ax.

I am having a bit of a cold snap out here in Hawaii, and it's nice to have some sympathy. It's gotten down below 70 at night several times recently. Well below!


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Thank You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual you all know how to get my mind on something else to a point.
I have been drive a school bus for 17 years and drove a truck before that. The road had black ice on it. I was stopped do to everyone else trying to get down the hill and the bus just kept on slidding without the wheels even turning.

Bud you are definitly right about the responsiblity load. They keep adding it on and not adding to the pay check. I received a call from my boss about 5pm and she said that I was cleared to drive tomorrow. They were concerned as they picked up on the meds that I am on and thanks to my primary physican they were satified so I still have my license. That was on my mind also. I keep remembering the night we all went out danceing at the bar in Austin!!! Bud, you are quite the dancer. We did have a good time that night!!! I do miss it!!

To answer the other question as to how much wood I split. I only know that I did 3 - 8'x 5' racks. I had to get enough done to last a week or more as it is supposed to get down to about 6 degrees on Thursday night into Friday morning with wind chill below 0. I am not looking forward to it!!

As for dancing naked for my neighbor I would scare myself. The bomb fire sounds good but then I would have the health department on my butt again.

Well, again you guys have helped me in only the way that you guys can!!!

Stay Warm and look for the rainbows as they are out there some where!!

Hugs and Best Wishes to All!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Sue,

I am so sorry to hear about the rotten funk you've been it, but things will look up. You will have better days!!!

God bless,


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