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Ever since my radical hysterectomy a year ago, I've experienced swelling in the lower abd/pelvic region. It gets especially bad after I've been active (walking, jogging). Any suggestions on what I can do about this?

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After my rad. hysterectomy, my right leg began to swell. My doctors did not know what was causing it. After a year, and a cellulitis infection (skin infection), I found out by googling it on the net. I had lymphedema. Because of radiation and the surgery, my lymph system had been damaged in the abdomen/leg area. I would ask your doctor about lymphedema and get a referral to a lymphedema therapist just to check it out. My leg is very swollen now and it is hard for me to walk. The more I do on my leg, the more it swells. I know your swelling is not in your leg, but you may want to look into this. My email is rwilson002@comcast.net if you need any more info.

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Hi, I was just looking at other pages but I post in the ovarian cancer page. I stongly suggest you get a Blood work called CA-125 and visit your gynocologyst, you must discard Ovarian cancer. Symptoms could be gas, constipation, nausea, fullness, loss or gain of weight. If you have anymore questions please look post me in the ovarian page. God bless.

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I am 6 months out of my radical hysterectomy. I have had radiation & Chemo, too. I have this swelling, and it sounds just like yours. It is below my "smiley face," incision. It is also very sore and gets worse after I exercise or move. It is best in the morning. I have a flat stomach and it is really puffy by nighttime. I called my doc and he said it was just the muscles growing back. I know my body and do not think that is the problem. Did you have radiation & Chemo?

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My radical hysterectomy was in 2003. I experienced the swollen lower abdomen for almost one year after my surgery, mainly after exercise. Mine is better now, but I would still have it checked out to be safe. You can also check out the Hystersisters site for info.

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