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to Ron50

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Struth mate! G'day...sorry I missed yah post but had to chime in here to congratulate you on your years of NED! Great to know that your continuing freedom from cancer is posted here....such an inspiration to others my friend.I know that other health issues have continued to give yah a hard time mate but like the true ozzie battler you are, you, "are the quiet achiever" as we say here in oz.Well done Ron and we hope that you will continue to post ongoing achievements.
Stay well and be safe friend, Ross and Jen

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nice to see the down under coalition surface; best wishes and hugs to you both.. love, bud

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Hi Ross and Jen and of course Ron. I went to see the specialist today, and my CEA has stabilized at 7 so I am finally off the monthly blood tests and now just go 6 monthly which is fantastic. The most terrific news however is that I can now [after 13 years] finally go to 3 yearly colonoscopies. I don't intend to do any naked dancing--- too many people might have heart attacks-- but I am just delighted with this news.

Ross and Jen hope you two are keeping well away from the fires and keeping safe, and to everyone keep ahead of any health problems and have them checked out.

All the best from down under in NZ.

Love Virginia.

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G'day Ross Jen and Virginia,
Thanks for the kind words from you and everyone who responded to my post.
Virginia happy to hear your good news ,blood tests are a pain in the arrrrmmm,it must be so good to be on 3 yearly scopes as well. My last scope was not so good ,one of the small polyps they removed had cell changes. Not serious but definitely precancerous ,so I'm still on two yearly scopes. Having major problems with vertigo now ,they are trying to decide if it is viral middle ear or blood pressure. Still in the midst of a marriage break up so I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't blood pressure. Hope your year remains healthy and happy ,whilst it looks like I get to have same crap different year,cheers Ron.

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