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I have the opportunity to have Dr. Patric Walsh or Dr. Ash Tewari do my surgery. I am 57 years old. I have State T2b cancer, my gleason score is 7, I have been told by each doctor that the nerves on the right side must be removed. I very much like them both. Any suggestions.


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    Given that you need the right side nerves removed have you considered radiation?...Even if you decide to go with surgery you may want to consult a radiologist just to get another perspective...I had radiation six years ago...Ten year studies indicate that the results are the same so it comes down to personal perference...
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    Bob, I heard Dr. Walsh was #1 in the country. He, Dr. Catalona and Dr. Fray Marshall are all the best. I thought Dr. Walsh retired. If you can get him do preform your surgery, do it. I just had my surgery done by Dr. Marshall on 12/27. I had a Gleason score 6 and a Tpt2 level tumor. All the Pathology reports show no cancer in the lymph nodes or vesticles. I am feeling great. Keep the faith. Putting yourself in hte hands of hte right doctor is important.
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    All are good,make sure you cover all bases and ask lots of questions. I'm 60 and had it done last year. Some incontinence and still no sex but the urge is there!!!
    Keep us posted. jj
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    shipjim said:

    All are good,make sure you cover all bases and ask lots of questions. I'm 60 and had it done last year. Some incontinence and still no sex but the urge is there!!!
    Keep us posted. jj

    Make sure you check out your Doctor, I think these list and saying my Doctor is number one etc is bogus as best. Look at the number of surgeries performed and make sure you compare all robotic vs all robotic. A lot of Doctors claim all prostectomy operations pin the number they quote. Be specific. Google robotic Prostectomy or the Da Vinci web site it will tell you what hospitals have the equipment and give you a bio on each doctor. Also make sure your Doctor will be the one behind the machine. There are three Doctors in the room during the robitic but only one operates the machine and most claim the surgery as a number even though they didn't operate the machine. I flew to New York and used Dr Tewari, his credentials are impeccable and if you need any more info email me. I can also refer you to several other patients that have been to Dr Tewari. You have only one chance to pick the Doctor make sure you do you homework. Because the effects of the Doctor learning on the job with you as the patient, will last your life time. I along with several other patients have never had a problem with contience or leaking. I have posted another post op report on this site. July 2006. Good Luck
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    How are you my father at the age of 60 was diagnosed with PC in late December 2006. He had a PSA 6, Gleason of 6 STAGE t1. The cancer was only located in the right side of the capsale. As you we did much research to find the best doctor. This website was very helpful. After all research was exausted we selected Dr Tewari, his credentials are impeccable. My father just had the surgery on tuesday the 20th of February. He is curently at home and is recovering. He went in the hospital at 11:00am on the 20th and was out of surgery by 12:30. He was released from the hospital the next morning. The day after he experienced sever gas pain. However, it is now day 4 of recovery and he is doing much better, he has a little pain were the surgery took place and he gets tired. However, the doctor reported that he believes that 98% that all the cancer was removed however, they took numerous biopsy's to test to make sure. we will find out the results next Tuesday. The doctor had to scrap some of the nerves on the right side however, stated that there is a 75% chance my father will make a full recovery with no side effects. There is a 2% chance that if additional cancer is found he may need radiation. It is of my opinion that doc. Tewari is the best for robtic surgery. From the day we visited him in late December it took two months to get an appointment for the operation. Best of luck on your decision.
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    Like lardog and concernedsons dad, I had the Davinci procedure done by Dr Teewari in Oct 2006( I am only 45 and had a gleason 6/PSA 5.8).
    There was tremendouns nerve sparing that had to be done and I am pleased to tell you, I have 99% of my functions back in just 4 months.
    This is the biggest decision of your young life, so do your reserach and make sure you're comfortable with the surgeon.
    I'll gladly share my contact info with you if you would like to speak about it.
    best of luck and keep in mind- your not alone on this.