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USC cancer center

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Help needed, we are desperately looking for info on innovative cancer treatment. We were looking for a naturopathic doctor to complement our oncologist, but have had lousy luck. The only one in our town, Albuquerque was a nice guy with zero experience treating cancer. He is doing as much research as we are. The next one we identified and thought was great, turned up on quackwatch. We heard that USC has a colon cancer team approach??? We are willing to travel to any city southwest airlines flies to. Help needed

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Can you get your hands on a Quillin book? (Beating Cancer with Nutrition) In the back, he has a HUGE list is nutritionally-oriented docs. Many of the docs listed have websites - and the list itself is really formidable. I don't know anything about USCs program, but I am sure they have a website and/or might be able to direct via the phone. All the best to you and I hope you make a connection - Maura

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Check out the website that I posted below under "More Info. for Newbies". It is lef.org, they have a list of alternative practitioners and Cancer Centers on the site that may be useful for you.
I am not sure about USC, but I know Southwest flys to Houston. MD Anderson is coming around and offer many alternative services through A Place of Wellness so you might check that out as well?
Good luck,

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I am also curious exactly what you are looking for, just a NMD to help with complimentary treatments?

Here is some things to look for, that may help you out.

University of Arizona has a grate Cancer center and they work with Dr. Weil's intgrative Health Department. Dr. Weil is AWESOME, I am sure you have heard of him, in fact I was on their website yesterday and I may go down there, here is the sight: http://integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/index.html

Also here in Arizona is a Naturopathic College and a listing of graduates. I checked it out for you, but they are all in Santa Fe, here is the website: http://www.scnm.edu/index.php

God Bless,


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Thanks, I will follow up on that today. #1 priority is alternative/complementary treatments, to specifically address my husbands nutritional needs. He went to the Patrick Quinillan (sp) supplements and they made him more sick to his stomach than the chemo. We want him to take what his individual body needs, not what is generally recommended. Thanks so much for replying.

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Not suggesting his products - just the fact that he has compiled a huge list of docs...
I might suggest that you contact the major centers on the West Coast, and in the West in general to include Texas (I am suret hat is at least five good/great centers relatively close to you). If you have a list of questions, it might narrow things and I bet you will find more than one option...more importantly, you might meet or speak with a doc who really clicks with you.
All the best - Maura

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IMHO the guy who runs the Quackwatch web site is a quack himself. Just my opinion. Please no one gets offended!

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There is a fine oncologist (not necessarily naturopathic) at USC named Heinz Josef Lenz. Also, the Block Center in Evanston, IL (Midway airport in Chicago is served by Southwest) combines eastern and western medicine. Their tel # is 847 492 3040. Best of luck to you.

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