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information and advice

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My mom was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the stomach. CT scan and x rays were negative. She had a scope and they found an ulcer, which came back malignant. She is 55 years old. Everything is extremely overwhelming and scary. She is having surgery Wednesday, and I guess we will have a better idea what to expect. They are hoping for a partial gastrectomy. Anyone who has information about this or has any advice, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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It sounds very much like what I had. I had 1/2 my stomach removed 11/05 due to a adenocarcinoma. If it's not to late make sure your surgeon is someone who has done a lot of this type of surgury. Someone who is a specialist in stomach cancer surgery at a regional cancer center, not just a general surgeon. It may make a big difference in her recovery. Check my story on personal web page. It's been 7 months since the end of my treatment and I feel great now. Stay positive there is always hope. Good luck and god bless

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my surgeon is excellent but i have a cardiac issue that complicates this surgery...did you have yours done laparoscopicaly or with robotics?
They will remove my esophagus this way with a conventional cut at the neck. june 11 surgery date ..any advice?

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I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer. i had an EMR but they didnt get all of it so i must now have a transhiatal gasterectomy..very serious surgery. June 11 is my day. How did all turn out with your Mom? They thought mine to be an ulcer at first also. john phone 619.277.8366 john.mitsakos@gmail.com

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