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The Cure

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Now that I have your attention: In this year of electing a president, all cancer survivors need to find the candidate who supports Cancer research-a-ie; stem cells, which could very well bring the cure to all cancer. Vote with your ovaries in mind..

The politics of cancer can kill you..of over 10,000 grants from the National Cancer Institute, only 500 even mention metastisis..
There are over 10 million of us out there; those kind of numbers can make the difference between business as usual, or re-starting the war on cancer.

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You are so right!!! There has to be more done for the "cure", I can't believe some of the projects that are funded, that nobody would even care about!!! It is shocking...especially when so many people are affected by cancer.

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Since you posted this political message on all of the boards, I thought a little rebuttal was in order.
This message sounds good as long as you only look at the broad picture and ignore the details. If you’ve actually been paying attention to the issue, none of the politicians have supported a complete ban on stem cell research. In fact, I just donated a bunch for research a few months ago. Only a few politicians even support a total ban on stem cell research on cells from aborted fetuses. The actual aim of the politicians that are in favor of any ban at all is only on banning research on stem cells collected using methods that politicians on both sides of the debate consider immoral. The problem is that the judges appointed by the political party that supports the use of these methods of collecting stem cells for research the most, won’t allow the lawmakers to ban just certain methods of collecting the cells. As a result, this forces an almost total ban on the use of aborted fetus stem cells, in order to prevent the methods that both sides consider immoral. In effect the people supposedly support the stem cell research, are also the ones most responsible for it’s being banned.

The primary method under fire is a method that was developed because the best stem cells for research come from the brains of fetuses 10 months after conception. Since the human gestation period is slightly under 9 months, and sucking brains out of one-month-old babies is illegal, they use the definition of life given by the previously mentioned judges to skirt the law. That definition is that a baby isn’t alive until it is completely out of the mother. They use drugs to delay the labor until the end of the tenth month. At this time they turn the baby so it is delivered feet first, and face down. As you can probably guess, babies don’t fit through the cervix very good at ten months. The baby’s shoulders may need to be crunched a bit, but all they need is access to the base of the scull. They aren’t too concerned about the baby’s pain since they don’t intend to allow it to live. They then shove a tube through the base of the skull and suction out the brain to collect the stem cells. This kills the baby and deflates the head so the baby can be removed the rest of the way, and thrown away. Many of us consider this murder. This procedure is commonly referred to as a partial birth abortion. You’ve probably heard the term used numerous times.

Although I would love it if a cure were found for my cancer, I would rather die from it then have children murdered to find the cure. Since the white house, the congress, and the senate passed the current ban, it appears a majority of the politicians agree.

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Thank you, donaldo. I have been pondering the last couple of days, trying to find a way to comment. I am somewhat familiar with the 'political details' that you discussed, but you verbalized better than I could have. Nonetheless, I am very familiar with the other aspects of these methods (moral issues, method of obtaining the cells, etc.). While many groups would have us believe that there is NO OTHER WAY to achieve the goal of stem stell research, this couldn't be further from the truth. It is a known fact that the umbilical cord of a full-term, live-birth baby is just as beneficial to that goal. Why wouldn't anyone prefer that method over the totally inhumane and unnecessary option? I believe it is important for all of us to investigate both sides thoroughly. Only then do we have complete truth - and that goes for any issue set before us.

Since those of us viewing these posts obviously have experienced cancer or have a loved one who has, it goes without saying that we ALL want a cure. I too would not even want to know that an unborn baby (yes, they are human and alive from the moment of conception) was used to facilitate my 'cure'. It's amazing how PETA will be down the throats of those who use animals for testing, etc. (and I'm not in favor of the inhumane treatment of animals - I love animals too), but where are they in discussions such as this? Human life has not been valued as it should, for quite some time. I also want to say that it has been a pet peeve of mine for years that the medical profession and the homeopathic profession have not had a meeting of the minds to come together to offer the best of both worlds to anyone suffering from any kind of disease. I believe that there is more out there than we know that would be of benefit to all of us.

Well, I should get off my soap box now! Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. God bless all of you as we come together for healing, sharing and caring.

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