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Has anyone suffered from bad headaches that last for days when on chemo? Even my pain killers don't help. Any suggestions? my onc. had no answers to this one...

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I was told that I could get headaches with Avastin. Are you on Avastin? Monica

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You can get headaches from Zofran as well if you are on that.

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I had horrible headaches with Zofran and had to use another anti-nausea drug (it worked!). Hope this helps...and hope you soon have some relief...
All the best - Maura

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Ativan-(Lorazepam) worked for me..

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I get migraines at least 2x/wk while on chemo. I take Imitrex, close my eyes, avoid light, and try to sleep for a while. It usually works. If I don't have Imitrex availble, I will take 2 extra strength acetaminophen and 600 mg ibuprophen, along with a few crackers to save the stomach, follow the other directions, and this is also sometimes effective in a pinch.

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Hi Sally,
I had headaches from the premed Aloxi given for nausea. Stopped all premeds completely while taking FOLFIRI with Avastin because I had a worse reaction from the premeds than the chemo. The headaches caused nausea. You might want to try that. Good Luck!! Kandy

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Joined: Jan 2007

thanks everyone. and yes I am on Avastin.

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