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many questions carryover x3

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As stated in my previous posts. My father is stageIV colon cancer. He seemed fine and healthy going in. The only sign was he lost his appetite and didnt eat much.
Well once the results were in he had surgury to remove the tumor from his colon. They gave him chemo 11 days after surgury. Since his first surgury he has had a lot of bile removed by his NG. The oncologist said it was because of his liver mets were making his protiens go haywire and making the fluid buildup. The surgeon said it was because of a twist in his smal bowels at the last surugry point. They did another operation and zapped him again with chemo. Well here we are over a month after his first surgury with the same problem. Now theyre saying he may never leave the hospital.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I mean WTF?

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there are a lot of medical questions between the lines here; can you get a second opinion while he's in hospital?

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I would make sure that the Onc Doc and the Surgeon are speaking together and understanding the entire situation. Doctors are supposed to be working for you. Make sure they do. A second opinion can help. Take charge of the medical treatment and the doctors, because I have found out that doctors don't always KNOW best.

Sending prayers

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Were hoping to find a place that will look at his records and treatment so far. The surgeon consulted with another at university of michigan. But they determined they wouldnt do anything different (this is the local surgeon talking to the UofM doc and then telling us). The oncologist hasnt called as far as I know yet.

Anyway, if any of you know of a place that will accept medical records to see if theyre treating this right I would really like the help. My father has agreed to be moved. Now I need to find a doc that can take him and hopefuly someone that can actually help him.

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