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Grateful for Support-Friends Rock

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I just wanted to say how much this board has meant to me over the past couple of months. (My husband age 36 dx stage IV w/ liver mets & nodes Oct. 06) I don't post often, but I read everyday. The knowledge and support of the people on this board amazes me constantly.
I feel very blessed that we are getting good support here at home as well. We don't have any family around, but our friends have been wonderful. In fact, on Sunday a bunch of people from our church are fundraising for our medical expenses and then shaving their heads! They are calling it Bucks for Baldy's. The funny thing is Carl hasn't even lost his hair (and is not expected too!) LOL. Though he has always wanted to be bald. Our 10 and 8 year old daughters will be shaving his head on Saturday. He doesn't feel it would look right for him to show up with hair when everyone else is losing theirs. :)
I just wanted to give thanks to all of you here and to all of our friends at home. What would we all do without our friends?
Friends Rock!

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Sounds like your family is surrounded by a great group of people. And I totally agree that this board is great. I was so thankful when I found it. FRIENDS DO ROCK!!
God bless-

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The support here is amazing no matter whether we are feeling good or "bitching and groaning". I have a cousin who is in a group that calls themselves The Bag Ladies. Its hard for one of us to stand alone, but together we rock! jams

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I'm incredibly grateful to you for your support while Mark was in the hospital with his various 'issues'. Although it was related to the chemo, it wasn't specifically cancer related, and your advice and experience was invaluable. So, what goes around, comes around! And Mark has a shaved head because it's easier to put sunscreen on, than on his slightly balding pate! Best of luck to you, Carl and the girls!

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