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Naked Happy Dance Time

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Well... almost officially.

I went in yesterday to have my cat scanned and donate blood.

When I met with my onc, the picture of my chest had loaded. By the end of my visit, they were down to my thighs.

He said that the pictures looked great but the report was not in yet, he gave me the disclaimer that he is not a radiologist and they will go over it with a fine tooth comb. Just waiting for the call for those results now.

I freaked the night before this round of tests and almost started crying when I went for the ride on the big machine. I haven't had a CT since May. I was supposed to get it done in November. Because of weather conditions (I am in Colorado, or better known lately as the land under 4 feet of snow) and the holidays, I didn't get it done. While I felt it would be fine, I panicked because I realized that it could have had 8 months (I had blood work only done in August and a colonoscopy in October) to do something. PHEW am I glad to have it over with.

After the last CT he indicated that he was going to decrese the frequency of scans. Now he plans to do a CT every 4 months for year number 3 of NED. Then, every 6 months for year 4. Does this sound right or did something spook him? I kind of questioned him about this and he just said that he wants to stay on top of things. And, he said everything looks great.

I hate that after cancer I always look for the hidden meaning in everything.


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Congratulations!!! So happy to hear the great news. I wouldn't read into the frequency of the scans. Your doc is just being thorough. Every doc does things differently.


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Naked happy dance!!!! Excellent news!!

I'm back to just a colonoscopy once a year...my last CT was in September....no sign of ANYTHING...(which is good, considering I am now officially allergic to the contrast!!!!).

Hugs, Kathi

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Sounds great! Congratulations.

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I especially loved reading: And, he said, everything looked great. I am really happy for you!!!!
Take care and I hope you have sighed, cried and are now celebrating!!
All the best, Maura

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So happy to hear the good news. Do the Naked Happy Dance-just be careful-I'm in Colorado too and it is the land under 4 or more feet of snow and FREEZING, too!! Enjoy your great news.
God Bless-

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Tricia -

AWESOME news!! Congrats!

- SB

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Hi Tricia,
Congratulations on your fabulous results! I'm also in Colorado, and I've been thinking of everyone on FolFox with this bitter cold.
I think that it's great that your oncologist to so willing to let you have CT scans. My oncologist doesn't think that they are warranted until there are problems in the bloodwork. I think that it's nice that you get them.
Thanks for sharing your great news.

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Tricia - Congratulations!!!! This is great news. I would think it is absolutely normal to feel fear, but I hear that it goes away with time, and that will happen to you. Especially with a great oncologist that seems to be keeping on top of things. Enjoy being NED! Monica

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