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its worry time

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hello everyone, im going for my 3 month check-up and blood work on monday. of coarse the worrying has begun. i dont know why i cant keep from doing this with each and every check-up and test. well i guess i just need to hear all of your positive thoughts and prayers. i will of coarse let you all know how it goes. thanks for always being there, i love you guys.


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I'm sending you good vibrations and sweet sensations (along with the prayers)

"fight for pugs"


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Joined: Nov 2006

thanks i appreciate it


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Hi Lynn,

I have been at this 3 years now and the testing is still stressful. I find that I get weirded out starting about 2 weeks before and then talk myself thru what I will do with a good, average and not so good results. I never took it too far but let myself know I could mentally handle any news (I like to go to my appts alone). Then oddly enough my anxiety subsides and I am fairly calm test day.

You know that you are still NED and that is what you need to concentrate on OR you would be feeling something is not quite right.

I'll be with you Monday in spirit......keep us posted!!!!

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Joined: Nov 2006

thanks lisa, i know i will be fine i just cant seem to not worry. i will keep ya posted.


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I think it is normal to feel this way just before those three month check-ups. I get this way when my dad's three month scans approach. Sounds like you have been doing so well, I'm sure it will be fine. Keeping you in my prayers for a clean check-up!!!


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Hey, lynn! Together, we will vanquish!! I have MY 3-month appt Monday, also! I am just so darn grateful that I still have life to be able to GO to the doctor....I'm not worried! I am sending my thoughts and prayers...

Hugs, Kathi

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thanks kath, i will be praying for you as well. i too am extremely grateful for what the lord has done for me. keep me posted as i will you

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HUGS and many good vibes coming your way. I'm sure you are still fine.

Lisa F.

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Hi Lynn,

My mom also gets worried around test time. Sounds like from the others this is a very normal reaction. I'm glad to hear it is because I feel the same way when my mom is getting test results.

I'll be saying prayers for a GREAT check-up. Keep us posted.

God bless-


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someone gave me this the other day-

"do what you can with what you've got
some days are good
some days are not"

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thanks to all of you who posted. your support and understanding are so appreciated. im so glad i have this site to come to and talk to those who know exactly how im feeling

love and prayers to you all

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