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I'm back from the docs

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OK so we went to Georgetown Med center. Got lost
INSIDE the area (construction) and was 10 minutes late. My husband swearing all the time and me having to pee (too much coffee).

The Doc was very nice and alarmed that my old doc said, "If it was colon cancer we would have seen it on the CT scan"

He scheduled a colonscopy & endoscopy for this friday. He was very honest and didn't sugat coat anything. and I'm most happy that he didn't say "your too young"

so I'm thisclose to getting diagnosed with what is going on in my body.

I'm freaked out about the tests though. Any hints you can give? I was given the Colyte prep.

I will be out the whole time they said. If there is a tumor there (me and my husband call it Fred) will this take longer and be more dangerous?? My test is friday at 4pm. How long will both take?
Will my throat be sore? Will they know right away if I have colon cancer? If they see a tumor then I know right?

I'm trying not to be a wuss!

To be frank I got to "take it like a porn star!" heheh. sorry to all the porn stars here. :)

They are both Arab docs and very nice. The older doctor kept looking down at my cross. wonder why? Do some Arabs get offended by the cross?? strange if they do. I don't get mad if I see a star of david, whatever muslims, wiccans, hindus or others use. To each his own. Hope they don't give me an extra jab for being a christian,lol
Maybe I will leave it off the next time.

hope everyone is well and enjoying their life today. As for me I will try not to read any worst cases during these procedures. I will walk the dog or something now.

Hugs all round,


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hello lucky, im so glad you found the right docs. the whole procedure will take about an hour from start to finish. you wont feel anything as you will be under what they call concious sedation.the doctor will be able to tell you if there is a tumor or blockage as soon as you wake up, however im sure they will biopsy anything found and those results will take a few days. try and relax, read a good book. take a hot bath. do what ever you can to take your mind off things, and dont assume the worst. i will be praying for you.


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I just looked at the Colyle bottle. I have to drink ALL that in 4 hours??? HOW!!! I'm a small person. Don't they know that is just too much for someone so small. Can I cheat and only do half if I am running clear after while?

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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky...

You wanna join the cult, you gotta drink the Kool-Aid!

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I knew it! This is a cult,lol

A colontown with cool aid :)

Will we all dance naked in the pale moonlight? glowing in the dark from all the chemo perhaps?
tattoos with butts?

Me and my hubby are trying to make jokes and be positive. Let me know if I offend folks! I know this is serious but I want everyone on the other side to have a laugh too(best medicine)

"fight for pugs"

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Naked dancing is reserved for special occasions only....like waking up breathing in the morning for one!!!!!

Welcome to the world of semi-colons!

Hugs, Kathi

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My doc said drink it until the results looked like very weak tea.

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Is it the same thing as go litely or however you spell it? If so, they have a product that is the same thing called half-litely. It is only 1/2 gal. I have had to ask specifically for it everytime (didn't know any better the first time). Sometimes a bit more expensive (mine was only $12 or $15 this year) but well worth it in my opinion.

All of the gastro's I have spoke to have said that once it is clear you can stop. I still try to finish it all (easier with the 1/2) because I feel like I am helping them do a better job by cleaning out better?

You'll be alright.


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I've had both colonoscopy and endoscopy. As others have said, you shouldn't feel any discomfort at the time -- you'll be in "la la land". And the sedative gives you some retro amnesia, so you won't remember much about it afterwards. Very mild sore throat afterwards but it fades pretty quickly. You may need to go home and nap afterwards. It should all go very smoothly. Good luck with the kool-aid. And also with the waiting/worrying. You are doing the right thing! (in having these tests). In my experience, they will give you an indication of their findings right away. Probably will tell your husband, due to the "la la land" factor. Although a diagnosis of cancer strictly speaking needs the biopsy results, in my experience, the docs might tell you with a fair degree of certainty their opinion.

I love the fact that you and your husband are trying to focus on the 'funny side' throughout. That's what my hubbie and I do to. We have gotten some strange looks in hospital waiting rooms. A LOT of strange looks. But, too bad. It helps us get through.

This whole thread cracked me up (porn star, kool aid). Oh, and Lucky -- maybe he wasn't looking at your cross ;) LOL

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I'm glad that you are getting through this with humor. I know that whether or not this is cancer you will get through whatever comes at you. You sound like a very strong individual. I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Lucky: I am so glad your new doctors are taking your situation so seriously. The fact that the colonoscopy/endoscopy is on Friday is a testament of their concern. I pray that it is not cancer, but if it is, it's the first step to health. As for the prep, I was told that as long as 'it' was clear, that I could stop. I have never finished the bottle (yuk). By the way, it goes down much easier if it is cold. As for the cross, if it gives you strength, wear it. Don't let anyone make you feel that it is not appropriate. My prayers are with you. Monica

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The colonoscopy is a cake walk- the prep is a little annoying, but the procedure is fine. It's a nice nap! I usually go out to lunch afterwards because I am starving. The endoscopy may give you a slight sore throat but nothing unbearable. I have been given results immediately following the exam, so you should know something right away. As for wearing your cross, perhaps he was just admiring it. You wear what you want and makes you feel comfortable. I bring my lucky bag whichis filled with all sorts of good luck items to all tests. Contents include, holy water, holy dirt, tokens of siants, tokens from friends, prayer cards, etc. Good luck and good for you for being proactive!

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Hi lucky,

I just wanted to say good luck Friday and I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Sending good vibes for Friday too. Everyone gave you the facts. Like they said try to relax tomorrow, you won't be going anywhere after the first cup of "koolaid". LOL. I never finished all the prep but was definately cleaned out. Love the humor because that is what will get you through this. You fit into this crowd just right. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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