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Was is Tarceva? I have lung and liver cancer. How would this help?

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I believe Tarceva is what is referred to as a "targeted therapy" in that it only attacks the cancer and not the healthy cells. You could do an internet search and it would explain it better than I can.
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Tarceva is used to treat both liver and lung cancer. I have been on Tarceva since August 2005. I had stage IV lung cancer, for now I am cancer free. I was told that this would not happen, but they did not know my chief physician I was not a candidate for surgery or radiation. . You can type ernrol in the search box at top of screen, then click on any place you see ernrol to the right of screen. This will take you to my web page. If you would like more info about the things I did let me know, and I can e-mail them.

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Dear Enrol

Could you please tell me more about your experiences taking Tarceva, and anyone else I might be able to chat with regarding the experimental medication. I am contemplating the beginning of the process.

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