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update (I'm done with military docs)

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OK here's what happened. (long)

Last night me and my husband were looking online at the military hospitals that treat cancer and there are 2 in my area.
Lombardi & Johns Hopkins are the best though so we thought maybe they would just refer you to them after they diagnose. WRONG! With my health insurance (tricare prime)they HAVE to stick with military docs. So I would have been sent from different hospital to different hospital with no set team or center for treatment and endless delays and red tape. NO WAY. So I checked and we changed the insurance TODAY! effective today!

So it means I have to pay up to $1,000 for treatment but after that everything else is free. It resets every October. As long as I use a Tricare appoved center & docs I am covered. Which all the best centers were!!
*doing a happy dance*
So I called Lombardi Comprehensive cancer center and when I explained everything they were so alarmed my appointment is at 9am tomorrow!!!

See this is what I mean. They knew the military dropped the ball with me.

and I picked up my records to take tomorrow and guess what is written in there..

Here it is verbatim...

"there is a solitary 5mm in diameter pulmonary nodule in the right lower lung field seen on slice 28. there are no prior studies for comparison"

Impression: Solitary Pulmonary nodule right lung base. FOLLOW UP study in 12 MONTHS is recommended.

12 MONTHS??? WTF???

Now do you see what I mean??? THEY SUCK!!! and I would be dead if I waited 12 months I am sure.

Will let you know tomorrow what happens with my first apt with a "real" doctor.

So anyone reading this if you are going through military docs. DON'T!! Get Tricare standard. Bite the bullet and pay the lousy 1,000.00
It could save your life.
thanks spongebob for your advice!

"fight for your pug"


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You go girlfriend!!!!
9AM - yup, you're finally getting the kind of attention you need. Whatever that thing is growing in your lung, you've just served it eviction notice. It's better be scared and packing!!!

Keep us posted on what you find out.


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There you go Lucky!!!!!!!

Teaching the ******* cells who is in control and it ain't docs that don't listen to you. I personally think taking control of your own condition and treatment plan is HUGE since there are so durn many choices. Education is key also. Keep us posted!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Lucky -

Sorry you had a bad experience with TriCare. Like I said, I had a great experience with Bethesda. Honestly, in 26 years of service I have never had a bad experience with the military medical system. Sometimes there is hosed-up paperwork and long waits, but all in all it ain't all that bad - compared to some plans in the civilian sector, it's quite good. Several of my friends are in the millitary system and have been referred out to M D Anderson.

Well, I hope you get it figured out and find out that everything is OK.


- SpongeBob

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