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Prayers Needed!!

nudgie's picture
Posts: 1483
Joined: Sep 2006

Found out yesterday (15 Jan 07) that the couple we met going through chemotherapy, that she was told by her on Onc Doc that she only has a few weeks. The nicest couple I have every met. Always has a smile, got us back to church, never complained and was on chemo for almost two years. She is Stage IV rectal cancer with liver mets. Rectal tumor was removed and she was fighting the liver mets for the longest time. Was on and off of different chemo treatments and was told that liver resection was not possible.

PLEASE, PLEASE pray for her and her family. Her name is Nancy Flannagan.

Monicaemilia's picture
Posts: 455
Joined: Nov 2006

You got it, Nudgie. Monica

StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1250
Joined: Mar 2003

Definitely sending prayers Nancy's way. What about trying to jump start progress with nutrition? I always have SUCH a hard time with timelines and expiration dates!!! :-( Is she bedridden? Let's try to generate some hope and strength to get her over this speed bump...


AveriRN's picture
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Joined: Aug 2004

Prayers to Nancy and her family.

scouty's picture
Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

It is done nudgie!!!!!!

Lisa P.

Posts: 425
Joined: Jan 2005

That is so very nice of you- will most certainly pray for Nancy and her family:

valeriec's picture
Posts: 350
Joined: Oct 2006

You got it. Nancy and her family are in my prayers.

jenalynet's picture
Posts: 363
Joined: Nov 2005

Sending prayers to Nancy and her family..Audrey

lfondots63's picture
Posts: 822
Joined: Jan 2006

Keeping her and her family in my prayers. Like Stecey I hate expiration dates and timeline.

Lisa F.

suzannchili's picture
Posts: 135
Joined: Mar 2003

If she's still with us... there's still hope. In my thoughts and prayers!

Posts: 105
Joined: Nov 2006

i will be praying for nancy and her family. god bless you as well nudgie for being so compasionate.

hugs lynn

Posts: 553
Joined: Mar 2006

I will definitely be praying for her!!!


Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Many prayers of support and love for Nancy and her family. She is blessed to have you as a friend.


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