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I am Stage IV with mets to the liver hoping for a liver resection (need slight shrinkage). It was decided that I would not have radiation due to the fact that since the disease had spread, and radiation only targets one area, that it would not be adviceable to do radiation on me. Of course, since I am no longer the proud owner of a large intestine, there was concern of a bowel perforation of my small intestine. I figured since I only have one left, why take a chance. However, a lot of Stage IVers have mentioned a combination of chemo/radiation. I am curious to find out the reasoning and efficacy behind it. It is not that I am looking to do radiation, but I want to ensure that I am not missing a big step in the 'slaying the beast' process. Thanks. Monica

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Have you researched

Radio Frequency Ablation? It is a new option for Liver tumors and has had success too. Please look it up and see if it is offered at your center.

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Hi Monica, I, too am a st4 w/liver mets; however my liver tumors were resectable when found, did not need to wait for "shrinkage". After resec. I rec'd rads and was told due to the spread I would have full pelvic rads (5 of 12 nodes +) to kill off what may have been left behind or microscopic cells in that area. I was also told that they do not do radiation to the liver in someone that is a candidate for resection, that only patients who's tumors were so big that it caused them pain did they do it for palliative purposes. I had 5 1/2 wks of rads and developed an ileus from it about 3/4 of the way through, but after that was resolved, I finished the last week and half or so. Good Luck.


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he monica, i am stage 4 rectal survivor also, i had chemo and radiation i had liver mets and bilateral lung mets, i only had radiation on the rectal tumor, chemo took care of the rest. today i am cancer free. there is a new thing here in indiana called cyberknife, not sure if i spelled it right however this is a new way to radiate just the tumor spot without effecting the rest of the organ. hope this helps.


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I am a stage IV survior too. NED since 8-06 after my second RFA. It works. I had one in 8-05 too. I had chemo and radiation, but the radiation was due to the fact the tumor was resting on the bladder. Be glad to share with you about the RFA.

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Mark - I would love to hear more about RFA. They have never offered me anything other the possible surgery or chemo. I'm not sure if this is all they offer in Canada, but I cannot believe we are that far behind the States.

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