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First let me begin by saying that I had a wonderful time Sat . at our mini Palooza . It was great to get a chance to meet everyone .Jerseysue Thanks so much for coming out here and making this all happen . A big thanks to your Sister for picking me up . Sue, Suzanne , Kerry , Kay and Jana I had a wonderful time and made my day to be able to meet all of you in person .
I had the first part of my Sir Sphears treatment two weeks ago . This was just to go in coil off the veins to my stomach and determine whether I could have the procedure . All went well . I had a Dr, Appt the other day and he said he couldn't ask for better results . Tomorrow I will go in and have the Sir Sphears injected . I know that a few of you asked me to keep you informed . The Dr. said I may be out of it for a few weeks . I will update you as soon as I can .
Take Care and God Bless
all my Love .

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Thanks for checking in!!!!! Please keep us posted and I can tell by the photos that y'all had a great time at lunch. You all look so good. I could hear the laughter and feel the warmth.

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Deb -

AHOY, Stranger!! So glad to hear things are going well thus far. I have never heard of this treatment - can you or Joe elaborate on it?

You hang tough, dragonslayer!

Love ya!

- Bob

PS - got orders; XO (again, drat! I even screened for command!!) of a big boat (378' - bigby CG standards, OK?) out of Charleston. I report mid-May.

Be well.

Love ya

- SB

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Hey Cap. Sponge!

Every time you say Ahoy I get the mental picture of the chocolate chip cookie muchkins on the Chips Ahoy bag :)

...well, that and Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Buu-kay) in a BritCom series on PBS.

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Hi Debra -

Thanks so much for the update. We'll all be thinking of you as you get this treatment. Let us know how it goes - it sounds like it has lots of promise.

Your mini Palooza sounds like huge fun - assume this was in Texas (a great state I must say, since I lived there for 15 years!)

Take care,

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I'm praying for good results and can't wait to hear more about it after the procedure.
Best Wishes,

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Good to hear from you again. A friend of mine had the same treatment and is doing well. Our prayers are always with you. Sorry I have not been in touch. Miss talking to you.

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