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Help for blockages

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Hi everyone! It has been a couple of years since I've visited this site, and I've missed it! I first posted when my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2003. You were all so helpful and encouraging, and I can't thank you enough. I'm here again for more advice from the experts. My mother is doing well except for recurring blockages. She usually just waits them out, but has had to be hospitalized a few times. We just brought her home yesterday from a week-long stay. The doctors tell us it is scar tissue causing the problem, and are reluctant to do surgery because it will only cause more scar tissue to form. They put an NG tube in and so far, the blockages have cleared up on their own. Some doctors tell her to eat plenty of fiber, others say to go on a low-fiber diet to give the bowels a rest. We're confused. Have any of you experienced this problem and have a solution or advice? We would appreciate any help.

We wish you well,

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I'm not sure this is the solution, but I use a vegatable laxative called Senna-(Sennosides 8.6mg) as a preventative to keep my self moving.
(cheaper at Wal Mart)

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Hi Terri - I have had a couple of 'blockages' that resolved themselves (luckily, no tube was needed), and I found that the problem went away when I introduced more fibre into my diet. I seemed to have problems when I was constipated. Your mother may just need to find the right balance of fibre that helps her bowels move properly. I have an iliestomy and I also avoid anything with casings (tomatoes, beans, oranges, grapes) in order to avoid blockages. I supplement by juicing a lot. I hope this helps. Monica

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Hi Terri,
I was in the hospital this past Monday-Wednesday with a small bowel obstruction. Luckily, the NG tube worked for me also. I was told to go on a low fiber diet and stay very well hydrated. Hope this helps.

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Hi Terri -

I'm not sure if this will help or not, but I have a friend whose mother had repeated blockages. In and out of the hospital - various medical theories and treatments - but the blockages kept on coming. Out of desperation, my friend starting "forcing" her mother to drink tons of water throughout the day. Guess what? It's been about 18 months with no obstruction and prior to that she hadn't gone more than 3 months.

Just a thought,

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I would really recommend she see a nutrionist, have you already? Or even a naturopath.

What I used to use prior to my ostomy and cancer diag, is Dr. Schulze Formula one, and took it every day and it kept me moving. Here is his website:


But I honestly think the key is in her diet and after all the reading I have been doing and I am not an expert, she should be on a pure unprocessed diet. But I would really get into someone to help you all get her on a right program.

God Bless,


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1. Water, Water, Water, and Water.

2. I drink this shake every morning for breakfast. I was given the recipe by one of my chemo nurses who was very nutritional in her approach to life. I have problems if I don't use this or if I don't drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit.

In blender:

Mix To make milk

1 Cup Water
1 Handful Almonds
2 Tbsp Oatmeal ( I use Steel Cut Oats)
2 Tbsp Flax Seed


1 Banana
1 Apple
1 Slice Melon

Add Few Frozen Berries (I alternate between frozen mixed fruit and frozen strawberries I get at Sam's Club or at Costco).

You can also add a protein powder if you would like.

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Betsy is absolutely correct about the water. I forgot to mention it. I was told to drink at least two litres of water per day with an ostomy. I once started feeling the familiar pains of a blockage, and I downed two litres in half an hour. Worked like a charm. Monica

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