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Dilaudid vs morphine 4 bad pain

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any one out there use dilaudid? i'm here with mark and he's suffering from back pain. the tylenol is not working. he's very concerned about becoming addicted to drugs. he's compromised - has no appetite. morphine in the past made him nauseus and he quickly became dependant, actually went through withdrawls after just a few days on it. is dilaudid any less addictive, nausea producing? would love some feedback. the doctor has presribed him both drugs - dilaudid and liquid morphine.

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Pain management has been a big ordeal for me, finally it is getting under control, I am finally healing. So I have tried everything.

When the pain was really bad, I used MS Cotton and the bottom layer, this is a form of morphine. Then I would also take dilaudid, again when the pain was really bad. I used to take Percocet all the time, but switched to dilaudid. Percocet is not a good to use long term.

Dilaudid did not make me as nauseaous as Percocet, seemed I could tolorate it better on am empty stomach, but I do try to eat something still, even if it is just a bite of a bananna. MS Cotton, never really made be nauseus either.

I was VERY concerned about becoming addicted, so much so I suffered more then I should. So I do know the feeling. And I do not think I am addicted at all.

God Bless,


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I was on IV dilaudid in the hospital post surgery. It works well for me, and I did not have any withdrawl symptoms coming off of it. I think it can be addictive, though.


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I guess addiction is a concern, but so is pain-and a larger one I think..I know a lot of people who are on oxycodone long term, with no apparent negative side effects.

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dilaudid worked wonderful for me, it seemed to take my pain away immediately where morphine took a while. both are equalay addicting so i would go with the one that works the best for him. right now pain management is huge for mark. remember if your in pain, you wont eat and you wont get up and around and it will have very negative effects on your progress. worry about addiction later when he is feeling and doing better; for now keep him comfortable so he is able to go on with treatment.

praying for you and mark

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It has been my experience that morphine just messes with my head, but dilaudid takes away the pain.

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The dilaudid is doing the job for the pain but he's so out of it now he has no interest in eating or doing anything but laying. That's what he was doing anyway so at least he's not having pain. Thanks for all your posts.

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Hi, I suffer from abdominal blockages from time to time. I take dilaudid 6-8 mg. when the pain becomes unbearable. This helps me stay out of the hospital (sometimes). When too bad, I have to go to the er. The dilaudid does make me nauseous so I also take the compazine with it. It does take the pain away most of the time. would worry about addiction later on. I personally don't want pain. I did not have good experiences with morphine. Good luck and peace to you both.

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