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recently diagnosed and struggling

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I was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer in Nov. after a total hysterectomy for other reasons. All pre-op tests failed to show any sign of cancer. I also had a double hernia repair at the same time because, as my doctor said, they were going to be in that neighborhood anyway! Unfortunately, I developed infection in the incision a month later, which delayed any additional treatment, but luckily, the infection was confined to the upper dermal layers. I have seen one oncologist, who recommended 6 chemo threatments 21 days apart with one radition treatment either half-way through or at the end of the chemo, but I decided he was not the doctor for me because I never felt comfortable with him and never really had any faith in him. My husband did not like him either. So I am now waiting for my first appointment with another oncologist. In the meantime, my family and I feel like we are in limbo.

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Welcome to our little club! I'm not sure if you had endometrial cancer or sarcomas of the uterus? Both uterine cancers, but very different cancers and treatments.

I've not heard of anyone with Stage 1 endometrial cancer undergo chemo, unless you might be a candidate for a study or trial? Your Grade might indicate something important?

Like you, I had no idea or symptoms that anything was wrong. It all started with my annual exam.

I had Grade 1, Stage 2B endometrial and my treatment was a total hysterectomy followed by external and internal radiation. It was my choice to have the radiation...it was left totally up to me.

For endometrial cancer, chemo is usually only given for Stage 3 or 4.

Research your case at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center site and see where you fit in. You are right to seek a second opinion if you don't feel good about your doctor now.

Just use the time to research and write down all of your questions before you get there. You can also call the ACS for more information about treatment protocol.

Best of luck to you and your family...you'll be in my prayers.

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tlva has offered very sound advice. I hope you have better luck with the new oncologist. You may want to read Fran Drescher's book, "Cancer Schmancer" - she was diagnosed with 1b uterine cancer and opted to not undergo radiation. I, too, am curious about chemo being suggested.

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