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hello semi's

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well finally i am starting to feel myself.
surgery was 9 1/2 hrs, rough recovery. pain was bad couldn't use morphine drip. came home xmas day a blessing. still can't lay on sides so i lay on my back. i am sorry i have not been posting but i did read some. happy new year to all. let's keep slaying the dragon. this is our year
be well.
never, ever give up!!!

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Glad to hear you're doing better at home and that you've been able to read! I watched a lot of the Food Channel when I first got home :) Happy New Year to you too! Thanks so much for your post. I was beginning to wonder how you were doing post surgery.


Posts: 757
Joined: Jul 2004

i am watching the food channel also lol
be well

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Ahoy, Bruce!

Welcome back and I am so glad you got through that nasty surgery OK. I was wondering how you were doing, esp. over the holly-days.

Good to know you are getting back on track.

- Bob

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I am glad that you are feeling better. I hope that you have the help you need at home to recover.


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Welcome back Bruce! I'm with you. This is our year!
Hope your recovery goes quickly and smoothly from here on.

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I've been thinking about you Bruce. Glad to hear you are feeling better and healing....

Thanks for checking in.

Lisa P.

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Glad to hear that you are home and that the worst part of the surgery has passed. I hope you can now rest and recover at home. Take it easy and I hope you feel a 100% soon.

God bless-

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WOW! You had an incredible surgery, God Bless You! I thought mine was long at about 5 hours.

I remember having to lay on my back for the first month, I was sent home with the surgery drain on my left side and an ostomy on the right, getting that drain out was great and then being able to sleep on my side again!

God Bless,


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So good to hear from you and so glad the surgery is behind you now. Forward!, Dragon-Slayers!

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Bruce, so glad your surgery is over... recover is slow.. but it does happen. I did lots of cable tv and got into puzzles. :)

Walking helped me a lot. I walked every day... gradually building up.

I agree.. this is our year!!! Those fire breathing dragons don't have a chance. jana

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Hi Bruce: sounds like your Dr. camped out in there..not sure what they did, but hopefully your pain is somewhat resolved. I really can't imagine that much surgery w/o meds to allieviate the pain.
Best wishes, bud

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so glad to hear your surgery is over and went well, my surgery was also 9 hours and i so remember laying on my back all that time. take your time with recovery, i hope all goes well and your feeling better soon.


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