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Waiting for surgery making me crazy!!!

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Hello everyone.... 32 year old/ stage III rectal cancer. Diagnosed September 18. Started 5FU and radiation on October 23/finished December 1st. Surgeon wanted to give me plenty of time to heal. I am seeing him this week to set a surgery date. He is shooting for end of January beginning of February. Does 8 weeks seem like a long time to wait for surgery??? I haven't done anything since December 1st. My CEA on December 3rd was 2.1. I feel like I am giving the cancer time to grow and spread. Is this paranoia. I have wonderful doctors and fully trust them. I just hate waiting. Also I am having a hysterectomy so that surgeon is also having to be coordinated.

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hello kiersten, i am 39 and am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor. i too had chemo and radiation then waited for surgery. i waited 8 weeks as well. i too had to have a hysterectomy and a plastic surgeon and they all had to be coordinated. i also thought i was given the cancer time to grow, but the chemo in your body last as long as 2 months to completely get out of your system.your body has been through alot and needs this time to reboot. blood levels need to rebuild. you need to be as strong as possible for the surgery because it really zaps you.i ended up with a hysyerectomy, a perminant colostomy and total reconstruction of the vaginal wall. my prayers are with you pleas keep me updated on your progress and feel free to ask me anything you need. if you go to my personal web page i bieleve my personal email adress is there. i am on this site every night and i will get your messages. god bless you and beileve in the power of prayer, i will be praying for you and your recovery, it wont be long and you too will be dancing with NED.

hugs to you my friend

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hi kiersten,
i'm also a stage four rectal cancer survivor and had surgery at the end of october. we waited seven weeks between my last radiation treatment and surgery. i, too, was nervous about giving the cancer time to grow back but my radiation oncologist told me the radiation would continue to shrink the tumor for up to four weeks following treatment and that the time was necessary to allow my body to heal and regain strength. ever since my diagnosis in june, the waiting periods have been the toughest for me. but enjoy your time before surgery and good luck! i'll be thinking of you.

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Isn't it a crazy world when we can't wait to have surgery? I can sympathise. When I was diagnosed, I wanted surgery that same day lol.

I didn't have to have any pre-chemo or radiation. But, I know after surgery I waited 4-6 weeks before I started chemo because of healing time.

Waiting is the hardest.

Is there anything that you can throw yourself into to make the time pass by quickly? Something that you have to totally focus on? Excercise, teaching yourself something new, friends, anything?

Wishing you the best.


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I too waited for surgery but felt that it was allowing the radiation to continue to shrink the tumor. Once the more immediate effects of the chemo/radiation were pretty much diminished, I concentrated on getting myself in as good as shape as possible for the surgery. Of course, it was summer so it was nice having long walks outside. But even with bad weather there are indoor places to walk. The exercise helps to produce endorphins too which make you feel better.

Your surgery will come out fine.


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