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what now?

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hello every one.
my father has hormon refactory prostate cancer since october 2005. He had Taxoter till now. 3 month ago doctor discontinued medication and he has his montly zometa. his psa is risig and he lost 5% of his weight . does it means that there is nothing more to do?doese any body know some other cure? He is 70 now with bone metastasis.He feels pain in his leg and sholder which is not sever and disapear with NSAIDS.

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I am 55 with bone metastasis and a rising psa which may still respond to hormone therapy if I choose to take it again. There is not a cure at this stage of the disease but one should not assume that this is going to kill them and keep living each day with a plan not to lose the fight. Stay involved with work or things you enjoy and stay away from negative doctors or anyone that believes the end is near. One question, what is NSAIDS? Thanks and best wishes.

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NSAID stands for non-steroidal anti-inflamatory. Ibruprofen is an example of an NSAID medication. The zometa is prescribed to strengthen your bones and keep the cancer from gaining more of a foothold in the bones. If the pain is localized and intense, you might consult the doctor about the possibility of radiation or surgery to stop it. Consultation with a nutritionalist may help you stop the weight loss and that's important if he is to have the energy to make it through each day. Good luck!

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