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This may just be me being vain.. But whats the best way to deal wth the hairloss thing. My hair is thining really bad. And is causing me to get depressed. Would it just be better/easier to just crew cut it and have it be done with. Or just keep watching it come out 30 strands everytime I touch or brush it? I would be greatful for any help on this..

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Hey, Sally -

How far into chemo are you? Ya know, everyone is different and my chemo only thinned my hair a little. I am so sorry, though. It just sucks to be int he shower or brushing and feel like bunches are falling...
How about a shorter cut just until chemo is done...does that even sound like an option for you?
Haven't given you much info, but hang in there and I am sure you will have a solution.
Take care and all the best - Maura

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get a buzz cut and buy a wig; your chance to be that sultry redhead you've always wanted to be..

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i found it easier to do the buzz cut thing. There are some beautiful scarves and great wigs out there.

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And can I add just one thought to the buzz cut option (how can you really follow-up to Bud's sultry redhead suggestion?) There is a psychological benefit from taking control and choosing to cut your hair. Bydoing so, YOU have control of your body, not the cancer. You decide when your hair comes off and how short it is.


- SpongeBob

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First of all, you are NOT vain for stressing over losing hair.

How far into treatment are you? Most just lose enough hair that it is only noticeable to them and their hair stylists.

When I was 18, I had a friend and co-worker who was dealing with breast cancer at 30. Not long after the first treatment, her hair started falling out. She dealt with this like a pro. She picked out a wig that almost identically matched her hair and shaved her head once the loss started bothering her (it became very itchy). Most couldn't tell, some were rude about it, but she handled it like a champ. In fact, she secretly revealed that she really liked wearing the wig. It was easier to care for, easier to style, and didn't take nearly as long for her to get ready.

When I started chemo, I decided to cut my long hair into a short, easy to manage, cute cut. I had a great stylist. When she asked me what prompted me to cut my hair short, I told her that I might be losing my hair and I didn't want it to be a HUGE shock so I wanted to start out short. She told me options that I didn't know I had. That we could pick a wig that matched my hair before I lost all of my hair. Then, I had the choice to purchase it if my hair started falling out, she would take me to a back room and discreetly shave my head and fit the wig for me. Plus, insurance would cover most if not all of the cost.

As SB put it, this keeps you in control and you have a plan.

So, you can get a cute short cut that may not show the loss so bad and if you do lose all of your hair, you can have a wig picked out to wear.

There are options to help deal with this.



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Posts: 17
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thanks for all the support.And to you guys that suggest I go red.. LOL I'm a natural redhead..LOL. I'm getting ready to start my 8th treatment..I did cut my hair short when i started chemo. before it was down to the small of my back. Then I had it cut above my shoulders..Thank you all so much for the advice..

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Hi Sally: I recently had to make the same decision and I decided to cut my hair really short (as in Demi Moore in Ghost, not GI Jane). I have never had a short haircut, but I found that I may never go long again. The beauty is that I now understand why men only take 10 - 20 minutes for a complete shower and I've gained 30 minutes to my day. But the best part of it, as SB stated, it provided me with power over what is happening to me. I did not want to see bunches of long hair in the shower (short hair doesn't give me the same impression). I also bought a wig, in case I lost all my hair, but so far I am enjoying my short hair too much to use it. I hope this helps. Monica

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Hi Sally,

No you are not being vain. My mom (stage 4) cut her hair shorter and ordered a wig, but to our great surprise her hair only thinned-never totally lost it all. It is now starting to fill back in.

Best of luck to you-


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Hello Sally,

Not vain in the least. When I was in treatment my hair started to fall out, really fall out, by about the sixth session. Although I was never totally bald, it was obvious that I was suffering from hair loss. One morning, towards the end of my treatment, my boyfriend told me that I looked like a baby bird.


Although he meant the comment sweetly, everyone knows how unattractive baby birds are. Anyway, I did not cut my hair until a few months after my treatment. Instead, for some reason I cannot really fathom, I wore my hair in a Donald Trump sweep over. What the hell was I thinking? To make a long story short, cutting my hair was not only really liberating, but it was also really flattering. I wish I had cut it sooner.


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I vote for the haircut on your own terms. I did that.... cut it much shorter than I had worn it for years and I swear it took 10 years off my looks! I'll never go back to shoulder-length again. Too much work.

I also checked out wigs and found one that you could hardly distinguish from my natural hair. But I never purchased it because I have very thick hair and even though I lost quite a bit it wasn't noticeable to anyone but me!

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You are not vain!

I lost all of my hair and when it started falling out I had to shave it off. Go to my website and see my pictures www.runlizrun.com.

I went wigless and wore my bald head proud!

Man did I have a head of hair before and when I was little I used to sleep with my brush in my hand. LOL I really did. Every hair had to be in its place, granted this was when I was in Junior High.

But walking around bald just gave me such a feeling of freedom and strange as it may sound I was actually proud, or maybe it does not sound strange. I have tried to turn everything about this awful disease into something positive. And getting the word out is one of them, bald is one of our battle wombs.

However, I will say this, I was completely bald in the summer and my hair is growing back now and covers my head. Being bald in the winter could be very cold on the head and if it were me right now, I would wear a hat out, to cold not to.

Do what makes YOU feel comfortable.

God Bless,

Liz :)

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I took control and went an bought a blonde wig. I'm a brunette, but why not? However, I did not shave my head- just cut it to a bob- I had very long hair. I'm glad I didn't do a buzz cut because it turned out I did not loose all of my hair- it was significantly thinner- but I did not have to wear the wig. Unless of course I felt like it!

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I didn't loose all my hair, but did have significant thinning. I bought wig "just in case", but didn't ever wear it. But I'm glad I bought it -- gave me a psychological security. I ended up cutting mine very short. Got tons of compliments! I've kept it short!

Psychologically, the hair thinning/loss can be a very big deal. It was for me. I was stoic and determined throughout most everything, but when I saw those strands coming out more and more, I just wept. The upside, of course, was that I didn't have to shave my legs for 6 mos!
Good luck

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with my chemo my hair only thinned, although it did thin quite a bit. i cut my hair short but i didnt buzz it. my biggest problem was how grey it got because i coulnt dye it.good luck my friend.

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I lost about half of mine, and I hated it! That being said, maybe it was good for me. I realized how vain I was, and so I just put on a smile and went on with life. It does come back after chemo and I think I learned a life lesson that will help me realize how painful just hair loss is for others. It may be a chance to see a great hairdresser and try something new. jams

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